I'm Carrying

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"I'm Carrying"
London Town I'm Carrying Belgium cover.jpg
Single by Wings
from the album London Town
A-side"London Town"
Released26 August 1978
RecordedMay 1977
GenreSoft rock
LabelParlophone/EMI (UK)
Capitol (US)
Songwriter(s)Paul McCartney
Producer(s)Paul McCartney

"I'm Carrying" is a song written by Paul McCartney that was first released on Wings' 1978 album London Town. It was also released as the B-side of the "London Town" single.[1] In 2003 it was later released on the soundtrack to the film The In-Laws.[1]

Lyrics and music[edit]

"I'm Carrying" is a gentle love song.[1][2] Although Linda McCartney, Paul's wife, was a member of Wings, the song was not inspired by her but rather by a former girlfriend of Paul McCartney's.[2][3][4] The song has a simple structure, with two verses and a refrain.[2] In the first verse, McCartney sings that he will come to his lover's room after an absence bringing gifts and a carnation.[2] In the second verse, he sings that he has been away for a long time and wonders if his return will lack style.[2] The refrain simply notes that he is carrying something for his lover.[2]

"I'm Carrying" is in the key of E major and based on four chords.[2] McCartney originally recorded the song accompanied by just his acoustic guitar during the London Town sessions aboard the stern of the yacht Fair Carol in the Virgin Islands on 5 May 1977.[1][3] In December 1977, he overdubbed orchestral strings and he also overdubbed his own playing of an electric guitar using a Gizmo.[1][2][3] The Gizmo is a device invented by 10cc members Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, which allows a guitar to be played by vibrating the strings rather than plucking them.[1][2]

Critical reception[edit]

Author John Blaney notes that "I'm Carrying" expresses sentiments similar to those McCartney sang on the Beatles' "Yesterday," noting that "I'm Carrying" is "less adventurous melodically but no less welcoming."[1] Allmusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine calls it "nice" and "understated."[5] George Harrison chose "I'm Carrying" as his favorite song from London Town.[3] CD Review described the song as a "silly love song that's sweet, simple, and tuneful."[6] Billboard Magazine's Timothy White considers the song one of McCartney's post-Beatle peaks.[7] Jim Beviglia of Culture Sonar described the melody as being "as romantic as a moonlit slow dance."[8]

Other appearances[edit]

Wings' version of "I'm Carrying" was used in the soundtrack for the film The In-Laws in 2003.[1][5][9][10] The song is also incorporated in the soundtrack to the Greg MacGillivray film To the Arctic 3D, including for a scene in which a mother polar bear plays with her cubs.[11][12]

Sham Rock covered "I'm Carrying" on their 2004 album The Album.[13] Guitarist Phil Keaggy played the song with Paul McCartney at the wedding of Linda McCartney's sister Laura Eastman.[14]


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