I'm Going Home (Rocky Horror song)

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"I'm Going Home" is the 18th song in The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. Immediately after Riff Raff and Magenta interrupt the Floor Show, Frank attempts to explain his actions. He tells them that he will return to Earth one day and stay forever. It's questionable whether or not Frank is being theatrical for pity, or genuine.


"I'm Going Home" was originally written by Richard O'Brien in the early 1970s. It was not intended for use in the stage play, and was simply picked up by O'Brien because the topic matter slotted into Rocky Horror's storyline.


The song itself features a musical arrangement featuring piano, drums, bass, electric clean guitar, strings, synthesized strings as well as a minor orchestral section consisting of horns and other wind instruments. The verse and opening intro has a progression of F-Gm-Bb F-Gm-Bb-C whilst the chorus features a simpler Bb-C-Bb-F progression. It is considered one of the slower songs of Rocky Horror and has the same ballad features as the opening song, "Science Fiction/Double Feature".

The song is in the key of F major.