I'm Taking Off

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I'm Taking Off
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 24, 2011
GenrePop, pop rock
Length42:10 - 52:41
LabelKaotic INC
Sony Music Entertainment
604 Records
ProducerDavid Jordan, Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub, Matthew Gerrard, Dan Muckala, Brent Kutzle, Noel Zancanella , Jordan Keller (exec.), Lori Graf (exec.), Jason Turner (exec.), Midi Mafia
Nick Carter chronology
Now or Never
I'm Taking Off
Nick & Knight
German cover
I'm Taking Off (Germany cover).jpg
Singles from I'm Taking Off
  1. "Just One Kiss"
    Released: November 28, 2010
  2. "I'm Taking Off"
    Released: May 31, 2011
  3. "Love Can't Wait"
    Released: June 21, 2011
  4. "Burning Up"
    Released: January 24, 2012

I'm Taking Off is the second solo album released by Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. The album was initially released on his own record label, Kaotic INC. The album sold over 20,000 copies during first week in Japan alone.


Following the conclusion of the recording of the Backstreet Boys studio album This Is Us, Carter entered the studio to record solo material for a possible second album. On November 28, 2010, a new song, "Just One Kiss", was unveiled to Japanese radio. The song became an immediate success, peaking at #12 on the Japan Hot 100. Thus, Carter compiled a series of tracks he had recorded, and announced that his second studio album would be released on February 2, 2011, in Japan. On the week of release, the album sold 9,928 copies, peaking at #8, before dropping to #17 the following week, selling 4,103 copies. In its third week on the chart, it sold a further 3,100 copies, dropping to #30.[1][2][3] A deluxe version of the album, with a bonus DVD, was made available on February 9.

As such, Carter decide to release the album in the United States due its success in Japan. The US release date was set for May 24, 2011. Carter also announced that the single "Just One Kiss" would receive a US release on April 5.[4] The US version of the album replaces the track "Jewel In Our Hearts" with a new track, entitled "Remember". The US version also included a dance remix of the single "Just One Kiss". A deluxe version of the album, containing the contents of the Japanese Bonus DVD, was also made available.[5] The album peaked at #14 on the US Billboard Chart.

Europe became the next region to receive a release. "Just One Kiss" was released on April 29, before the album received a release on June 2. The European version of the album does not include "Jewel In Our Hearts", "Remember" or the dance remix of "Just One Kiss", however, includes two further tracks - a new composition entitled "Coma", and Carter's 2009 duet with Jennifer Paige, "Beautiful Lie". The European version of the album comes packaged in a limited edition digipak, with postcard, poster, full album booklet, four additional videos and further enhanced content.

Canada became the last country to receive a release. However, this time, a brand new song, "Love Can't Wait", was released as the album's lead single on June 21. The album was released on August 9. The Canadian version includes "Love Can't Wait" as a bonus track, but does not include "Jewel In Our Hearts", "Coma", "Remember", "Beautiful Lie" or the dance remix of "Just One Kiss". The album peaked at #2 on the Canadian Digital Chart and #12 at Canadian Albums Chart.

On November 15, 2011, a new version of the album was released digitally on iTunes worldwide, entitled Relaunched and Remixed. It includes a total of 16 remixes, comprising the tracks "I'm Taking Off", "So Far Away", "Love Can't Wait", "Not the Other Guy", "Just One Kiss" and "Falling Down".[6]

Track listing[edit]

1."Burning Up" (featuring Britton "Briddy" Shaw)Carter, Carl Falk, Savan Kotecha, Rami YacoubFalk, Rami Yacoub3:38
2."Not the Other Guy"Carter, Matthew Gerrard, TebeyGerrard2:57
3."So Far Away"Carter, Dan Muckala, Jason IngramMuckala3:32
4."Addicted"Carter, Gerrard, MischkeGerrard4:32
5."Special"Carter, Cardenas, Newble, Gambetta, Risto, NugentMidi Mafia4:04
6."Falling Down"Carter, Gerrard, MischkeGerrard3:59
7."Just One Kiss"Carter, Muckala, IngramMuckala3:32
8."Great Divide"Carter, Toby GadToby Gad4:09
9."Nothing Left to Lose"Carter, GadToby Gad4:16
10."Falling in Love Again"Carter, Cardenas, Noel Zancanella, KutzleBrent Kutzle, Zancanella3:34
11."I'm Taking Off"Carter, Gerrard, MischkeGerrard3:58
Total length:42:10
Japanese standard edition bonus track
12."Jewel in our Hearts"Noriyuki Makihara, Motoyama KiyoharuMischke5:03
Total length:47:12
Japanese tour edition bonus tracks
13."Not the Other Guy" (Salius V remix) 
14."So Far Away" (Romey B remix) 
15."Falling Down" (Savacan extended club remix) 
16."Just One Kiss" (Dezzo and Tenenbaum remix) 
17."I'm Taking Off" (DJ Kevin Larock remix) 
German bonus tracks[7]
12."Coma"Dante Thomas, Marcus BroschBrosch3:28
13."Beautiful Lie" (duet with Jennifer Paige)Carter, Paige, FalkFalk3:22
Total length:49:00
American deluxe edition bonus tracks[5]
12."Remember"Carter, Carl Falk, Sofia ToufaCarl Falk3:43
13."Just One Kiss" (Dezzo and Tenenbaum Remix)Carter, Muckala, IngramMarcus Brosch, David Paulicke6:48
Total length:52:41
Canadian edition bonus track[8]
5."Love Can't Wait"Carter, Shawn Desman, TebeyShawn Desman3:46
Total length:45:56
Nick Carter official store bonus download[9]
13."I Gotta Get With You"4:10
Re-launched and Remixed album[10]
1."I'm Taking Off" (DJ Kevin Larock Remix) 
2."I'm Taking Off" (Approaching Nirvana Remix) 
3."I'm Taking Off" (B. Sensei Remix) 
4."So Far Away" (Romey B. Remix) 
5."So Far Away" (Tinok Dubai Remix) 
6."So Far Away" (Michael Van Erp Remix) 
7."Love Can't Wait" (Stereotheif Remix) 
8."Love Can't Wait" (Maxwell B Superstar Remix) 
9."Not the Other Guy" (Saulius V Remix) 
10."Not the Other Guy" (Incorporated Element Remix) 
11."Not the Other Guy"" (TinoVinco Remix) 
12."Falling Down" (Savacan Extended Club Remix) 
13."Falling Down" (Peaboo Remix) 
14."Falling Down" (Final Conflict Remix) 
15."Just One Kiss" (Dezzo and Tenenbaum Remix) 
16."Just One Kiss" (Dezzo and Tenenbaum Radio Edit) 


Credits for I'm Taking Off adapted from Allmusic.[11]


Charts (2011) Peak
Canadian Albums (Billboard) 12
German Albums (Offizielle Top 100)[12] 46
Japanese Albums (Oricon)[13] 8

Release History[edit]

Country Date Label
Japan February 2, 2011 Sony Music Japan
United States May 24, 2011 Kaotic, Sony Music
Europe June 3, 2011 Glor Music, Warner Music Central Europe
Canada August 9, 2011 604, Universal Music Canada


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