I'm an Indian Too

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"I'm an Indian Too" is a song from the 1946 musical Annie Get Your Gun, by Irving Berlin. It was originally performed by Ethel Merman.[1] It is sung by the main character Annie after Sitting Bull adopts her into the Sioux tribe.

It is typical of mid-20th-century views of Native Americans, and is sometimes considered racist and demeaning from a contemporary perspective, although others see it as a mildly satirical attack on racial stereoyping. Native Americans did protest outside the New York theatre, as well as movie theaters, holding picket signs stating: "Don't See "Annie Get Your Gun". As a result of this reaction, many contemporary productions have omitted the song from their revivals,[2] and the protests stopped.

In 1979, the song was remixed and released as a dance track by disco artist Don Armando.[3]

Other singers to have recorded the song include Judy Garland.[4]


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