I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now

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Billy Murray in newspaper ad for the song

I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now is a popular song written in 1919 by Irving Berlin.

The song tells of a young man who returns to work as a manager in his father's factory following his tour of duty as a Private First Class in World War I. His now-unemployed former Captain is hired as a clerk by the delighted former PFC. Sample lyric:

When I come into the office he gets up on his feet
Stands at attention and gives me his seat
Who was it said "revenge is sweet"?
I've got my Captain working for me now

Among many artists who recorded this song were Al Jolson and Billy Murray. It was revived by Bing Crosby in the 1946 film, Blue Skies. It was also recorded in 1919, by Eddie Cantor, for Pathe (#22201).

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