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Iski Vintgar.jpg
The Iška Gorge
Country Slovenia
Basin features
Main source Bloke Plateau
760 m (2,490 ft)[1]
River mouth 287 m (942 ft)[1]
Physical characteristics
Length 31 km (19 mi)[1]

The Iška (pronounced [ˈiːʃka]) is a river of central Slovenia. Part of the river valley—the Iška Gorge[2] or Iška Canyon[3] (Slovene: Iški vintgar)—separates Lower Carniola from Inner Carniola.[2]:82[4] The river is 31 km (19 mi) long.[1] After flowing past Strahomer, the river follows an almost straight line and joins the Ljubljanica River, and therefore belongs to the Sava and Black Sea basins.

The part of the river between Iška Vas and Strahomer disappeared underground during the 2010 Slovenia floods, on the night of 20 September 2010.[5]


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Coordinates: 46°00′N 14°28′E / 46.000°N 14.467°E / 46.000; 14.467