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Iž is located in Croatia
Location of Iž in Croatia

(pronounced [îːʒ]; Italian: Eso, German: Ese) is an island in the Zadar Archipelago within the Croatian reaches of the Adriatic Sea. It is situated between Ugljan on the north-east and Dugi Otok on the south-west and is about an hour's ship ride from Zadar. It has an area of 17.59 square kilometres (7 square miles)[1] and a population of 615 (2011).[2] Its mineralogy is composed of mainly limestone and dolomite.[3] The island has been settled since prehistoric times; there is a Catholic church dating from the 11th century and records of the first Croatian settlers date from the year 1266.[4]

Its two biggest settlements (Veli Iž and Mali Iž)[5] are located on the eastern part of the island.

Island is nowadays also accessible to reach by car ferry; settlements are mutually connected by the state road that run between Veli Iž and island's ferry port located in cove "Bršanj" in Mali Iž; route construction started in early 1980's and ferry port construction started in 1988. Villages of Mali Iž are also connected to the main route with local roads.

Near the island there are some very small uninhabited islands: Knežak, Rutnjak and Fulija for example. Main activities are sailing, fishing, olive cultivation and pottery.[6][7] The island is very popular amongst foreign tourists, largely due to its great beaches.[3][8]

Nearby islands[edit]

Iž satelite annotated.png

Nearby islets:

  1. Veli otok
  2. Mali otok
  3. Srednji otok
  4. Glurović
  5. Kudica
  6. Fulija
  7. Maslinovac
  8. Luški otok
  9. Rutnjak
  10. Knežak
  11. Školjić
  12. Tomešnjak
  13. Mrtovnjak


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Coordinates: 44°02′01″N 15°07′11″E / 44.0336°N 15.1196°E / 44.0336; 15.1196