I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)

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"I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)"
Single by The Ikettes
Genreblues, R&B, Rock 'n' roll
Songwriter(s)Ike Turner
Producer(s)Ike & Tina Turner
The Ikettes singles chronology
"I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)" ""Troubles On My Mind""

"I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)" is a song written by Ike Turner, produced by Ike & Tina Turner and recorded and released as a single by Ike & Tina's backing trio, The Ikettes. Recorded in 1961, it became a hit for the Ikettes in 1962. Billboard named the song #63 on their list of 100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time.[1]


Like most of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue's music during this time, it was recorded while the group was on the road. By 1961, the formerly known Artettes had been singing with Ike and Tina Turner for over a year, having been involved since the first Ike & Tina hit, "A Fool in Love". To bide time in the studio, Ike Turner wrote a song custom-made for the girl group.

Tina Turner herself was involved in the recording, helping to arrange the vocals and could be heard singing along in the background. Ike Turner credited the song's production to him and Tina. Since Ike & Tina recorded for Sue Records, Ike Turner decided to distribute the record to another company, agreeing to sign an advance to Atlantic Records' Atco subsidiary in late 1961 for the song.

Released in early 1962, the song became a national hit reaching number nineteen on the Billboard Hot 100 and number three on the R&B chart.[2]. "I'm Blue" was the third hit single associated with the Ike & Tina Turner Revue and the only major hit of the original Ikettes' tenure.

Cover versions and samples[edit]

The song would later be covered by:

Song in popular culture[edit]


  • Lead vocal by Delores Johnson
  • Background vocals by Joshie Armstead, Eloise Hester and Tina Turner
  • Instrumentation by Ike Turner (piano) and The Kings of Rhythm
  • Written by Ike Turner
  • Produced by Ike Turner and Tina Turner (listed as "A I-&-T-T Production")


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