I'm Me on Sundays

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I'm Me on Sundays
Studio album by Seabear
Released 2002
Length 43:28
Label Self-released
Producer Seabear
Seabear chronology
I'm Me on Sundays (2002) Singing Arc EP
(2004)Singing Arc EP2004

I'm Me on Sundays is the unofficial debut release from Icelandic band Seabear. It was written and recorded by Sindri Már Sigfússon when Seabear was a one-man project. The album is almost unknown; its existence comes only from plays on Last.fm and some torrent websites.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "It's Kind of You to Like a Scarecrow"
  2. "Kids with Hummingbird Eyes"
  3. "Cassette Organ (You Were a Bird)"
  4. "Aplacetostay"
  5. "The Sounds You Make"
  6. "Sing-a-Long for the Tired"
  7. "Hide Me Now"
  8. "She and the Sleeping Band"
  9. "A Short Song About Love"
  10. "Watchskying"
  11. "Trail of Water Hands"
  12. "Whispering Through Your Door"
  13. "Basement Flowers"
  14. "Sleeping on Rocks"