I'm Not That Guy

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"I'm Not That Guy"
How I Met Your Mother episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 6
Directed by Pamela Fryman
Written by Jonathan Groff
Production code 3ALH06
Original air date October 29, 2007
Guest appearance(s)

John Cho (Jefferson Coatsworth)
Kevin Heffernan (Steve Beal/Ted Mosby Porn Star)

Season 3 episodes

"I'm Not That Guy" is the sixth episode in the third season of the television series How I Met Your Mother and fiftieth overall. It originally aired on October 29, 2007.


Marshall is thrilled when he learns he got the job he's always wanted at the Natural Resources Defense Council. However, Lily urges him to keep his interview with the corporate, polluter-defending Nicholson, Hewitt, & West. Marshall is surprised at how young and understanding his interviewer, Jefferson Coatsworth, is, and agrees to go to dinner with him. Barney asserts that Coatsworth is trying to seduce Marshall, but Lily says Marshall should still go to the dinner. While Marshall enjoys his fancy dinner (and is excited by an encounter with Patrick Swayze, one of NH&W's clients), Robin discovers why Lily wants Marshall to take the high-paying corporate job: Lily has dozens of credit cards and is very much in debt, owing to always shopping when she is upset about something. Although Marshall agrees to take the job, he regrets it the next day (with a little help from Lily, who eventually urges him to work at the NRDC) and goes to tell Coatsworth that he changed his mind. Coatsworth takes him to an amusement park and tells him that they will be his only client, at which point Marshall decides that he will definitely take the job, even to the point of saying that the amusement park was the "least evil place in the world", although Older Ted mentions that the amusement park was found in violation of several safety standards, three people died and an E. coli outbreak was traced back to the park's corndogs.

Barney has discovered a pornographic movie entitled Welcome to the Sex Plane featuring a porn star named Ted Mosby. While Ted is at first amused to discover the reason behind strange encounters with his doctor and a magazine interviewer (and also discovering that Wendy the Waitress watches porn), he then becomes uncomfortable and confused upon learning that porn-star Ted Mosby is from the same town, Shaker Heights, Ohio, as Ted. He and Barney go to an adult video convention to confront "Bizarro Ted". They find out that Ted's double idolized him as a child, and honored him by taking his name. Ted wants "Bizarro Ted" to change his name, so he tells him the person who he really idolized was Lance Hardwood. Bizarro Ted instead makes a new movie entitled Lance Hardwood: Sex Architect (starring Ted Mosby). The guys watch the new movie in Ted's apartment, until they find out that it was filmed in the very same apartment, with a little help from Barney.

Critical response[edit]

Donna Bowman of The A.V. Club rated the episode B+.[1]

Staci Krause of IGN gave the episode 8.1 out of 10.[2]


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