I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (UK series 7)

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I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!
Series 7 (2007)
Name Entry Exit      
Biggins Day 5  Day 20   
Janice Day 1  Day 20   
J Day 1  Day 20   
Cerys Day 1  Day 19   
Gemma Day 1  Day 18   
Anna Day 1  Day 16   
Rodney Day 1  Day 15   
John Day 1  Day 14   
Lynne Day 1  Day 13   
Katie Day 2  Day 12   
Marc Day 1  Day 11   

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! returned to ITV for its seventh series on 12 November, and ran until 30 November 2007.

Series 6 winner Matt Willis and his fiancée, Emma Griffiths, presented spin-off show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! NOW! in Australia, while Mark Durden-Smith returned to front the United Kingdom segment of the show.[1] The I'm a Celebrity...Exclusive teatime programme is not shown as part of the new series.

The official line-up was confirmed by ITV on 10 November 2007.[2] The series was won by actor Christopher Biggins.


The official celebrity line-up was revealed on 10 November 2007. However, Malcolm McLaren immediately resigned from the show before entering the camp on the first day, stating he didn't have the time and intention to do the programme. On Day 2, former The Apprentice contestant, Katie Hopkins was announced as his replacement and competed in the jungle throughout the series.

Celebrity Famous for Status
Christopher Biggins Stage & screen actor Winner
on 30 November 2007
Janice Dickinson Supermodel Runner-up
on 30 November 2007
Jason "J" Brown Former 5ive singer Third place
on 30 November 2007
Cerys Matthews Singer-songwriter Eliminated 8th
on 29 November 2007
Gemma Atkinson Hollyoaks actress & glamour model Eliminated 7th
on 28 November 2007
Anna Ryder Richardson Changing Rooms presenter & interior designer Eliminated 6th
on 26 November 2007
Rodney Marsh Former England footballer Eliminated 5th
on 25 November 2007
John Burton Race Celebrity chef Eliminated 4th
on 24 November 2007
Lynne Franks Spokeswoman & writer Eliminated 3rd
on 23 November 2007
Katie Hopkins The Apprentice contestant Eliminated 2nd
on 22 November 2007
Marc Bannerman EastEnders actor Eliminated 1st
on 21 November 2007

Results and elimination[edit]

     Indicates that the celebrity was immune from the public vote
     Indicates that the celebrity received the least votes and was eliminated immediately (no bottom two)
     Indicates that the celebrity was in the bottom two/three in the public vote
Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20
Round 1 Round 2
Biggins Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
(Day 20)
Janice Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-up
(Day 20)
J Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two Safe Safe Bottom two 3rd Eliminated
(Day 20)
Cerys Safe Safe Bottom two Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom two 4th Eliminated
(Day 19)
Gemma Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 5th Eliminated
(Day 18)
Anna Immune Bottom three Safe Bottom two Safe 6th Eliminated
(Day 16)
Rodney Immune Safe Safe Safe 7th Eliminated
(Day 15)
John Immune Bottom three Safe 8th Eliminated
(Day 14)
Lynne Safe Safe 9th Eliminated
(Day 13)
Katie Bottom two 10th Eliminated
(Day 12)
Marc 8th Eliminated
(Day 11)
Bottom two/three
(named in)
None Cerys
Eliminated Marc Katie Lynne John Rodney Anna Gemma Cerys J Janice

Bushtucker Trials[edit]

The contestants take part in daily trials to earn food. For the first three trials the two camps went head to head, only the winner of the trial's camp had any food. Tuesday, 20 November was the last time the public chose who took part in the trials from now on the contestants will have to decide for themselves who takes part in them because the public will vote for who leaves instead.

     The public voted for who they wanted to face the trial
     The contestants decided who did which trial
     The trial was compulsory and neither the public or celebrities decided who took part
Air date Name of trial Celebrity
Winner/Number of stars Notes
1 12 November 2007 Wheel of Misfortune Marc
Marc None
2 13 November 2007 Rumble Rally Rodney
Janice None
3 14 November 2007 Sushi Train of Pain John
John None
4 15 November 2007 In Grave Danger Katie 10/10 stars 1
5 (Live) 15 November 2007 Jungle Jeopardy Biggins
7/11 stars 2
6 17 November 2007 Nip/Pluck Janice
7/11 stars None
7 18 November 2007 Catch a Crawling Star Janice
2/11 stars 3
8 19 November 2007 The Tunnel of Terror Lynne 5/11 stars 1
9 20 November 2007 Uneasy Rider 'J'
10/11 stars 2
10 21 November 2007 Jungle Sweetshop Janice
9/11 stars 6
11 22 November 2007 Bat out of Hell Cerys
6/10 stars None
12 23 November 2007 Dreaded Water Anna
9/9 stars None
13 24 November 2007 Dreadful Drop 'J'
6/8 stars None
14 25 November 2007 Web Sight Biggins 7/7 stars None
15 26 November 2007 The Terror Train Gemma
3/6 stars None
16 27 November 2007 Dam Vines Cerys 2/5 stars None
17 28 November 2007 Tabletop Terror 'J' 5/5 stars None
18 29 November 2007 Celebrity Cyclone Cerys
3/4 stars None
19 30 November 2007 Stakeout Janice 5/5 stars None
20 30 November 2007 Bushtucker Bonanza Biggins 5/5 stars None
21 30 November 2007 Flash Flood 'J' 4/5 stars None


^1 Janice was ruled out of this trial on medical grounds.
^2 Biggins was a new addition to the show. The public did not vote for him to take part in the trial, but he participated in the trial as a lifeline for Janice.
^3 Biggins was ruled out of this trial on medical grounds.
^4 Rodney was ruled out of this trial on medical grounds.

Bush Battles[edit]

This year, the celebrities were all given a chance to win immunity from the first eviction. To do this they had to compete in a Bush Battle. The first battle consisted of 4 celebrities having to sit in a jeep. Whoever stayed in the jeep for the longest would win. After winning, John is known for saying "I am the victor." The second battle saw them each having a large egg timer. Whoever didn't let their egg timer run out would be the winner. The third battle was to stand tied to a tree holding a chain which would flush out frog spawn upon their head (they were chained to the tree). Whoever flushed out the substance last won.

Battle Number Date Name of Battle Celebrities Taking Part Winner
1 18 November 2007 Endurance and Patience Katie, John, 'J' and Gemma John
2 19 November 2007 Concentration Lynne, Janice, Rodney and Biggins Rodney
3 20 November 2007 Physical, Stamina and Balance Cerys, Marc and Anna Anna

The Camps[edit]

Croc Creek[edit]

Croc Creek consisted of Anna Ryder Richardson, Cerys Matthews, John Burton Race, Marc Bannerman and Rodney Marsh.

When the 2 camps merged Croc Creek became base camp.

Snake Rock[edit]

Snake Rock was initially supposed to consist of Gemma Atkinson, Jason "J" Brown, Janice Dickinson, Lynne Franks and Malcolm McLaren, but McLaren quit the show and never made it into the camp. Katie Hopkins was put into Snake Rock on Day 2.

Snake Rock was abandoned once the two tribes became one, but it was used in the bush battles.


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