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I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie is a 1987 memoir by former groupie Pamela Des Barres.


The book tells the story of Pamela Ann Miller, a groupie who gets a kind of fame in the 1960s by having wild nights with musicians and actors. Pictures of famous musicians and actors accompany the many stories of her time in Los Angeles, California during the late 1960s and early 1970s. She recounts tales of moments shared with girlfriends The GTOs which they use as a way to outwardly express themselves. She becomes Frank Zappa's nanny as well as has relationships with Jimmy Page and with Don Johnson.

Her escapades include travels to England where she spends time with Mick Jagger and others. She also travels to Europe before coming back home. She later falls in love with Michael Des Barres, an English glam rocker. She ends the books with the story of their wedding and the birth of her son Nicholas Dean Des Barres.

Publishing history[edit]

The book was described by Kirkus Reviews as "a classic account of rampant narcissism among guitar egomaniacs", and enjoyed considerable success, being issued as an audio book in CD in 1995, then reissued as a paperback in 2005, with an Amazon Kindle edition the same year.