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I, Ludicrous is an English pop music trio, formed in 1985 by John Procter (born 1957) and David Rippingale ("Will Hung") (b. 1956).[1] Their debut flexi release ("Preposterous Tales") reached Number 11 in John Peel's Festive Fifty in 1987.[2]

I, Ludicrous are still producing music today, and play occasional live dates, primarily in London. In January 2008 Martin Brett from Voice of the Beehive joined the band on bass guitar.



  • It's Like Everything Else (Kaleidoscope Sound) (1987)
  • Too Ludicrous (unreleased) (1988)
  • A Warning to the Curious (Rodney Rodney!) (1989)
  • Light And Bitter (Rodney Rodney!) (1990)
  • Idiots Savants (Old King Lud) (1992)
  • The Museum of Installation (Old King Lud) (2003)
  • 20 Years In Show Business (Sanctuary / Rough Trade) (April 2007)
  • Dull Is The New Interesting (Cherry Red/Old King Lud) (August 2015)
  • Songs From The Sides Of Lorries (Cherry Red/Old King Lud) (September 2017)

Official Bootlegs (CDRs)[edit]

  • Deadpan Alley ("It's Like Everything Else" + "A Warning to the Curious")
  • Following On (A compilation album of mostly previously unreleased material)


  • "Preposterous Tales" (7" flexi given away free with Blah, Blah, Blah magazine) (1987)
  • "Quite Extraordinary" ((Kaleidoscope Sound) (1988)
  • "Preposterous Tales" (Rodney Rodney!) (1990)
  • "We Stand Around" (Roman Carbage) (1992)
  • "Hats Off to Eldorado" (Old King Lud) (1993)
  • "Man's Man" (Old King Lud) (1997)
  • "Approaching 40" (Old King Lud) (2000)
  • "Dirty Washing" (5 track EP, Old King Lud LUD006) (February 2008)
  • "George Jenkins" (Cherry Red) (20 November 2015)


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