I, Me, Mine

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For the Beatles song written by George Harrison, see I Me Mine.
I, Me, Mine
Author George Harrison
Genre Memoir
Publication date
Media type Book, audio CD, e-book
Pages 398 (1st ed.)
456 (2007 reprint)
ISBN 978-0-671-42787-0 (1st ed.)

I, Me, Mine is an autobiographic work by George Harrison, published in 1980 as a hand-bound, limited edition book by Genesis Publications, with a mixture of printed text and multi-colour facsimiles of Harrison's handwritten lyrics. It was limited to 2000 signed copies, with a foreword by Derek Taylor. The Genesis limited edition sold out soon after publication, and it was subsequently published in hardback and paperback in black ink by W H Allen in London and by Simon & Schuster in New York. The book was released a few weeks before the assassination of John Lennon which also happened in New York. Lennon had taken offence at Harrison's book, telling interviewer David Sheff that "I was hurt by it ... By glaring omission in the book, my influence on his life is absolutely zilch and nil ... I'm not in the book"[1] although in fact, Harrison does mention Lennon several times (although not as a musical influence, which was the point of Lennon's displeasure).[2] I, Me, Mine was re-published with a new foreword from Olivia Harrison, his wife, in 2002.[3]


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