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consortium of 9 companies
Landing points
Total length 13000 km
Design capacity 3.84 Terabits/sec
Date of first use 2009
Submarine communication cable linking France and India

I-ME-WE (India-Middle East-Western Europe) is a 13,000-kilometre (8,100 mi)[1] submarine communications cable system between India and France. The design capacity is 3.84 Terabits per second. It has been operational since 2009 with Tripoli, Lebanon being connected in November 2011.[2] Internet Service Providers and Network Operators hope to utilize the additional bandwidth to support high-bandwidth peer-to-peer IP-based broadband services such as multimedia streaming, broadband Internet and voice/video telephony.[3]

The cable system includes a terrestrial link connecting the cities of Alexandria and Suez in Egypt. The I-ME-WE cable system comprises three optical fiber cable pairs and 2 trunk lines. It has cable landing stations at:

The cable system was funded by a consortium of 9 companies from across the world:[4]

The contract for the construction and maintenance of the cable system has been awarded to Alcatel-Lucent. Also, this network system extension is contracted to Mitsubishi Electric.

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