I-Novae (game engine)

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I-Novae engine
Developer(s) I-Novae Studios
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Game engine
License Proprietary
Website http://www.inovaestudios.com/

The I-Novae engine is the game engine under development by I-Novae Studios. The I-Novae engine incorporates a graphics engine with an advanced terrain engine. This allows developers to display environments on any scale, utilizing procedural techniques to generate anything from planets to entire galaxies, while being capable of integrating heightmaps or geospatial data seamlessly allowing complete control over the environment.[1]

Game Engine[edit]

The engine's core is programmed in C++ with a .NET/mono scripting runtime built in allowing developers to code game logic in the relevant languages.[2] The engine is currently developed on Microsoft Windows, however remains largely platform independent and work is being undertaken to expand its capabilities beyond this platform.[3] The engine currently supports DirectX 9c, DirectX 10, DirectX 11[4] and OpenGL. The engine supports full Newtonian physics.

Terrain Engine[edit]

The engine's unique terrain engine allows the player to enter a planet, without a pause or loading screen. It also provides ultra-realistic detail of textures, and effects.

Current projects using the I-Novae engine[edit]


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