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Polaroid i-Zone camera

The Polaroid i-Zone was a type of instant film camera manufactured by the Polaroid Corporation with the camera made by Japanese toy manufacture Tomy starting in February, 1999.[1] This camera took pictures 1.5"x1", that came on a pull-out strip of paper.[2] The strip was decorated and could later be cut to the size of the photo when the image was finished developing. Special film that had a sticky back for mounting the prints was also available.[3] The camera was mostly marketed at children with its simple functionality, low-cost, and oblong shape. Unusually, the shutter was not mounted behind the lens, but rather perpendicular to the lens, hovering just above the film. A mirror behind the lens would project the picture through the shutter onto the film below. One major marketing point for the camera was its ease of use: the camera had only three aperture settings, selected by a lever that pointed to a picture representing when each setting would be appropriate, be it indoors, outdoors on a sunny day, or outdoors on a cloudy day. After taking a photo, the lever would automatically revert to the off position to save power. Film for this camera was discontinued in 2006.[2]

An example of a photograph taken by the i-Zone (faces blurred by Image editing intentionally)

i-Zone 200 camera[edit]

I-Zone 200 polaroid camera (top), instant film cartridge (left bottom)


  • Automatic flash
  • Automatic focus
  • Flash-ready light
  • Wrist strap
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Power: 2 AA batteries
  • Focus range: 2 – Infinity
  • Auto flash range: 2 – 8 ft., charge time approx. 5 seconds
  • Film format: Polaroid izone200 instant film; 12-frame packs


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