I.C.U. (film)

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Directed by Aash Aaron
Produced by Carlos Alperin
Written by Aash Aaron
Starring Margot Robbie
Christian Radford
Natalie Hoflin
Ozzie Devrish
Music by Kit Sivyer
Cinematography Dirk Foulger
Edited by Aash Aaron
Distributed by Osiris Entertaninment
Release date
  • November 11, 2009 (2009-11-11)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

I.C.U is a 2009 Australian thriller film directed by Aash Aaron. Filmed in 2007, it is Margot Robbie's debut film but was not released until 2009. It tells the story of three bored teenagers who, after filming and spying on their neighbours, are targeted by a serial killer.


Teenagers Tristen Waters, her brother Troy and his friend Ricky go to their Dad's holiday apartment, spending most of their time alone while William works as a policeman to pay off the damage caused by his gambling problem that ended his marriage with Tristan and Troy's mother. While there, the three of them start to spy on their neighbors and soon notice that one of their neighbors is hiring prostitutes who go into the house but never come out. When the man discovers they are filming him, they hide in the apartment, only to be found and tied up by the murderer later. William shows up and a fight ensues, causing him to be knocked out. He later awakens and tells the killer "I thought I told you to wait till their mother was here" before shooting him to death.

Frantic, William prepares to kill his children, only to be stabbed to death by his ex-wife. It is then revealed that his ex-wife is the killer of the prostitutes and has been filming the murders after the bodies were supplied to her by the pimp. She finds a text sent to her saying "I C U." She notices a camera in the room, one of the many cameras that are planted all over the hotel, and seems to recognize the person operating them. The person operating the cameras is left unknown.


  • Margot Robbie ... Tristen Waters
  • Christian Radford ... Troy Waters
  • Matt Flannagan ... William Waters
  • James Dean ... Ricky Dickson
  • Aash Aaron ... Detective Al Stewart
  • Ozzie Devrish ... Pimp
  • Natalie Blair ... The Mystery Woman


The movie was filmed in Broadbeach, Queensland in July 2007.[1] Director Aash Aaron had cast another actress for Tristen but when she had to pull out, Christian Radford, having already been cast, suggested Margot Robbie, his school and childhood friend, for the lead.[2] Radford encouraged Robbie to audition since the film needed a female lead.[3] After impressing the director with her performance during an audition, she won the lead without an agent at the time, eventually retaining one with the help of Aaron.[4]


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