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For the British fashion magazine, see i-D.
Categories Architecture
Frequency Eight times a year
Year founded 1954
Final issue 2010
Company F+W Media
Country United States
Website http://www.idonline.com

I.D. (The International Design Magazine) was a magazine covering the art, business and culture of design. It was published eight times a year by F+W Media.[1][2]


I.D. was founded in 1954[3] as Industrial Design. The name was later abbreviated to an initialism; in the 1980s the initials came to stand for International Design to reflect the magazine's broadened scope.[4]

Since 1954, the magazine published the Annual Design Review, a juried design competition curated by I.D. staff and industry practitioners.[5]

I.D. won five National Magazine Awards: three for General Excellence (1995, 1997, 1999), one for Design (1997), and one for Special Interests (2000).[6][7]

The last issue of I.D. was published in January/February 2010.[8][9]

In June 2011, I.D. magazine was re-launched online in partnership with Behance.[3] The new I.D. magazine features user-submitted designs that are curated to offer examples of innovative work happening today.[10]


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