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Bharti Airtel Limited of India
Landing points

Chennai (India) and Tuas (Singapore)

Total length 3,200 km
Design capacity 8.4 Tbit/s
Technology DWDM
Date of first use 2002

i2i is a submarine telecommunications cable connecting India to Singapore. This cable is owned by Bharti Airtel Limited of India. Its landing points are:

The Initial First Stage of the Network from Singapore to Chennai (3,200 km) with a terrestrial link between Chennai and Mumbai (2,000 km) was completed in April 2002. [1]

The Cable consists of 8 fibre pairs using DWDM Multiplexing with full capacity of 8.4 Tbit/s when all 105 wavelengths are used. As of April 2002 its lit capacity was 160GB/s and connects with C2C Cable network, SEA-ME-WE 3 and Asia Pacific Cable Network.[2]

Singtel divested its interest in 2007 [3]