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IA, Ia, or ia may refer to:


  • Ia or Oia, Greece, a small town on the island of Santorini
  • Iowa, U.S. (postal abbreviation)
  • Iá River, a river in Brazil

Companies and organizations[edit]


  • Interlingua (ISO 639 alpha-2, ia)
  • Inter alia (i.a.), Latin meaning among other things
  • Insha'Allah (iA), Arabic meaning "God Willing" or "if Allah wills." Often interchangeable with 'hopefully.'



Internet and technology[edit]



Other uses[edit]

  • Initial appearance in a court of law, of a person charged with a crime
  • Intermediate in Arts, an academic degree
  • Internal affairs (law enforcement), a division of a law enforcement agency which investigates incidents and suspicions of lawbreaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force
  • Internal audit, a business profession specializing in the removal of impediments to organizational objectives
  • International Arbiter, a chess title awarded by the World Chess Federation
  • Prefix for aircraft manufactured in the Argentinian Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (formerly "Fabrica militar de Aviones") since 1952
  • Íþróttabandalag Akraness, an Icelandic football team playing in the Urvalsdeild
  • Individual augmentee, a U.S. military program for augmenting units with personnel from other organizations or branches of service
  • IA (vocaloid), a humanoid persona for Vocaloid 3 developed by 1st Place
  • IA (chemotherapy), a chemotherapy regimen that consists of Idarubicin x 3 days plus Ara-C (cytarabine) x 7 days, a variant of the classical "7+3" induction regimen for acute myelogenous leukemia.

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