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The official IAAF Road Race Label logos.

IAAF Road Race Label Events are races that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) designates as one of the "leading road races around the world."[1] The classification was first introduced for the 2008 running season, upon the suggestion of the IAAF Road Running Commission.[2] In that first year, only Gold and Silver Labels were awarded, and 49 races were recognised.[3] A third tier was introduced in 2010, entitled the Bronze Label,[4] and in 2015, 88 races were listed in total.[5] The races are split into three categories: marathons, half marathons and other. Within the "other" category are traditional road race distances, over which IAAF world records can be set, along with some "Classical races," which span unusual distances.[1]

The Labels are assessed and awarded each year. Race organisers have to apply to the IAAF for recognition, and show that their race can meet a number of criteria. The criteria vary for the different levels; Gold Labels have the strictest requirements, followed by Silver, then Bronze. All three categories require what the IAAF describes as an international elite field, that requires at least five nations (four for Bronze) to be represented by runners with times faster than the IAAF's guidelines. Additionally, the race course must be closed to vehicular traffic, and measured to the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) standard, with full electronic timing used to generate the results. The race must be organised in a way that minimizes ecological damage to the surrounding areas. A specified number of doping tests must be carried out, and prize money for the participants should be equal, irrespective of gender or nationality, though additional rewards can be given to runners from the host nation.[1]

The Labels are considered a "prestigious" award by race organisers,[6][7][8] and include the six marathon majors. In 2015, Japan has the most road race Label events, with 10, although the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic hosts the most Gold Label events, each with 5.[9] 3 races on the African continent received Label status in 2015.[5]


* Races that are also World Marathon Majors are highlighted in lavender blue, with an asterisk
  • Marathon: 42.20 kilometres (26.22 mi)
  • Half marathon: 21.10 kilometres (13.11 mi)
  • 20 km: 20.00 kilometres (12.43 mi)
  • 10 miles: 16.09 kilometres (10.00 mi)
  • 12 km: 12.00 kilometres (7.46 mi)
  • 10 km: 10.00 kilometres (6.21 mi)
  • 5 km: 5.00 kilometres (3.11 mi)

Gold Label[edit]

Road race Distance Location Country Month held
Xiamen International Marathon Marathon Xiamen  China January
Dubai Marathon Marathon Dubai  United Arab Emirates January
World's Best 10K 10 km San Juan  Puerto Rico February
Tokyo Marathon* Marathon Tokyo  Japan February
Roma-Ostia Half Marathon Half marathon Rome  Italy March
Saint Silvester Road Race 15 km São Paulo  Brazil December
Lake Biwa Marathon Marathon Ōtsu  Japan March
Nagoya Women's Marathon Marathon Nagoya  Japan March
Rome Marathon Marathon Rome  Italy March
Seoul International Marathon Marathon Seoul  South Korea March
Lisbon Half Marathon Half marathon Lisbon  Portugal March
Prague Half Marathon Half marathon Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic April
Paris Marathon Marathon Paris  France April
Vienna City Marathon Marathon Vienna  Austria April
Rotterdam Marathon Marathon Rotterdam  Netherlands April
Boston Marathon* Marathon Boston  United States April
London Marathon* Marathon London  United Kingdom April
Yangzhou Jianzhen Half Marathon Half marathon Yangzhou  China April
Madrid Marathon Marathon Madrid  Spain April
Prague Marathon Marathon Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic May
Great Manchester Run 10 km Manchester  United Kingdom May
Ottawa Marathon Marathon Ottawa  Canada May
Ottawa 10K 10 km Ottawa  Canada May
Bogotá Half Marathon Half marathon Bogotá  Colombia July
Gold Coast Marathon Marathon Gold Coast  Australia July
Prague 10K 10 km Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic September
Great North Run Half marathon Newcastle upon Tyne  United Kingdom September
Copenhagen Half Marathon Half marathon Copenhagen  Denmark September
Beijing Marathon Marathon Beijing  China September
Bogotá Women's Race 12 km Bogotá  Colombia September
Berlin Marathon* Marathon Berlin  Germany September
Sydney Marathon Marathon Sydney  Australia September
Cape Town Marathon Marathon Cape Town  South Africa September
Portugal Half Marathon Half marathon Lisbon  Portugal October
Lisbon Marathon Marathon Lisbon  Portugal October
Great Scottish Run Half marathon Glasgow  United Kingdom October
Chicago Marathon* Marathon Chicago  United States October
Amsterdam Marathon Marathon Amsterdam  Netherlands October
Great South Run 10 miles Portsmouth  United Kingdom October
Frankfurt Marathon Marathon Frankfurt am Main  Germany October
Toronto Waterfront Marathon Marathon Toronto  Canada October
New York City Marathon* Marathon New York City  United States November
Valencia Half Marathon Half marathon Valencia  Spain October
Valencia Marathon Marathon Valencia  Spain November
Delhi Half Marathon Half marathon New Delhi  India November
Istanbul Marathon Marathon Istanbul  Turkey November
Fukuoka Marathon Marathon Fukuoka  Japan December
Shanghai Marathon Marathon Shanghai  China November
Singapore Marathon Marathon Singapore  Singapore December

Silver Label[edit]

Road race Distance Location Country Month held
Osaka Women's Marathon Marathon Osaka  Japan January
Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon Half marathon Marugame  Japan February
Beppu-Ōita Marathon Marathon Ōita  Japan February
Hong Kong Marathon Marathon Hong Kong  Hong Kong February
Seville Marathon[10] Marathon Seville  Spain February
Orlen Warsaw Marathon Marathon Warsaw  Poland April
Daegu Marathon Marathon Daegu  South Korea April
Great Ireland Run 10 km Dublin  Ireland April
Hannover Marathon Marathon Hannover  Germany April
Freihofer's Run for Women 5 km Albany  United States June
České Budějovice Half Marathon Half marathon České Budějovice Czech Republic Czech Republic June
Olomouc Half Marathon Half marathon Olomouc Czech Republic Czech Republic June
Ústí nad Labem Half Marathon Half marathon Ústí nad Labem Czech Republic Czech Republic September
Dam tot Damloop 10 miles Amsterdam  Netherlands September
Great Birmingham Run Half marathon Birmingham  United Kingdom October
Venice Marathon Marathon Venezia  Italy October
Marseille Cassis 20km Marseille  France October
Saitama International Marathon Marathon Saitama  Japan November
Beirut Marathon Marathon Beirut  Lebanon November
Guangzhou Marathon Marathon Guangzhou  China December

Bronze Label[edit]

Road race Distance Location Country Month held
WanJinShi Marathon Marathon New Taipei City  Taiwan March
Barcelona Marathon Marathon Barcelona  Spain March
Santiago Marathon Marathon Santiago  Chile April
Brighton Marathon Marathon Brighton  United Kingdom April
Milano City Marathon Marathon Milan  Italy April
Pyongyang Marathon Marathon Pyongyang  North Korea April
Łódź Marathon Marathon Łódź  Poland April
Nagano Marathon Marathon Nagano  Japan April
Harmony Genève marathon for Unicef Marathon Geneva   Switzerland May
Riga Marathon Marathon Riga  Latvia May
Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon Half marathon Gifu  Japan May
Edinburgh Marathon Marathon Edinburgh and East Lothian  United Kingdom May
Corrida de Langueux 10 km Langueux  France June
Lanzhou International Marathon Marathon Lánzhōu  China June
Vidovdan 10K 10 km Brčko  Bosnia and Herzegovina June
Maratón CDMX Marathon Mexico City  Mexico August
Siberian International Marathon Marathon Omsk  Russia September
Košice Peace Marathon Marathon Košice  Slovakia October
Bournemouth Marathon Marathon Bournemouth  United Kingdom October
French Riviera Marathon Marathon Nice  France November
Marathon du Gabon Marathon Libreville  Gabon November
Corrida de Houilles 10 km Houilles  France December
Mitja Marató Internacional de Santa Pola Half Marathon Santa Pola  Spain January

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