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International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)
Founded 1999
Type Professional Organization
Focus Contract Management
Area served
Method Membership, Networking, Events, Certification, Industry standards, Benchmarking, Conferences, Publications, Research, Advisory Services
Key people
Tim Cummins, President and CEO; Dan Mahlebashian - Board of Directors (Chair) - Global Executive Director Global Purchasing Services, RTP Process and Enterprise SAP - GM
Slogan “Raising global standards in contract and commercial management”[1]

The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) is a not-for-profit professional organization with the stated mission to "...identify and promote the international standards and practices for defining and managing trading relationships."


IACCM's membership is drawn from 164 countries, 16,800+ corporations, and many industries. It is made up of contract managers, commercial managers, sales, negotiators, supply chain professionals, and attorneys. As of October 2016, it has a membership of over 40,000.

IACCM offers training and certification service, conducts research and benchmarking to identify trends in contract and commercial management. Original research in areas including contracts, legal and sourcing can be commissioned.[2]

IACCM was founded in 1999 with support from British Telecom, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Marconi Communications, and Siemens.

Training and Certifications[edit]

The main courses are:

  • Contract & Commercial Management Training
  • Supplier Relationship Management Training
  • Fundamentals Course in CCM [3]

IACCM offers certifications in various levels namely: Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner, Expert & Fellow

IACCM Library[edit]

The IACCM Library contains over 7000 research reports, tools, templates, articles, news and discussions relating to the entire contract lifecycle of Contract & Commercial Management.[4]


Management Team[edit]

  • Tim Cummins, President and CEO
  • Sally Hughes, COO
  • Jim Bergman, VP - Asia, Middle East, Africa and Strategic Projects
  • Pablo Cilotta, Director, Southern Europe, South and Central America
  • Bob Emery, VP, Global Business Development & Alliances
  • Diane Kilkenny, Senior Director, UK and Europe
  • Nick Seiersen, Director, North America
  • Jennie Vickers, Director, Australia and New Zealand
  • Sandra Lewy, Head of Business Operations and Research Coordinator
  • Laura Newbery, Global Events Planner
  • Mark Heminway, Director, Member Services
  • Lana Trybush, Director, Learning and Development Operations [5]

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