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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Safeguards is a system of inspection and verification of the peaceful uses of nuclear materials as part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Department and implementation of IAEA Safeguards Safeguards are overseen by the Department of Safeguards, a separate committee within the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Department is headed by Deputy Director Tero Varjoranta. The mission statement of the Department of Safeguards is: "The primary role of the {Safeguard} Department is to administer and implement IAEA safeguards. It also contributes to nuclear arms control and disarmament, by responding to requests for verification and technical assistance associated with related agreements and arrangements." In addition, the Department is divided into 3 Offices and the Office for Verfication in Iran. Each division conducts an evaluation of the states' declared nuclear program, in comparison to relevant IAEA Safeguard Agreements or the Addironal Protocol. The divisions are divided into: •Operation A: East Asia, Australasia •Operation B: Middle East (Southwest Asia), South Asia, Africa and Americas, this geographic region also includes non-EU European states •Operation C: European states, Russia and Central Asia •Operation for verification in Iran (as stated in Iranian Nuclear Deal 2015)

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