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IAE Lyon
IAE Lyon, University of Lyon School of Management
Type Public
Established 1956
Dean Jérôme Rive
Academic staff
150 professors + 400 executives
Students 7500
Address 6 Cours Albert Thomas 69008 Lyon France, Lyon, France
Website http://iae.univ-lyon3.fr, in French

The IAE, standing for Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (Institute of Business Administration), is the school of business of the Jean Moulin University Lyon3. Also known as the IAE of Lyon, its main campus is located in the historical complex of the “Manufacture des Tabacs” in the heart of Lyon, France.

Founded in 1956 the IAE of Lyon has 6300 students in 2007 (including 2000 in postgraduate studies), accounting for more than 28% of the 22,300 students at Lyon 3 University.

In addition to the 144 full-time professors at the IAE, 400 executives from private, external companies contribute to the education.

The various courses offered in 2008 include four bachelor's degrees (Licence), eight professional bachelor's degrees (Licence professionnelles), nine master's degrees (with 40 specializations) and preparatory courses for the chartered accountants examination.

The IAE of Lyon is one of the top French universities for research and training in management. The school is highly internationalized and has an alumni network of 30,000 former students throughout the world.

IAE Lyon, Manufacture des Tabacs
South courtyard of the 'Manufacture des Tabacs' complex with the library building


Gaston Berger, then in charge of the tertiary education, created the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises in 1955. The following year the IAE of Lyon was created by governmental decision. At the start the IAE was a part of the Law and Economics faculty and was located on the Saône’s Quays at 15 quai Claude Bernard. In 1957 the first class graduated.

After May 1968, the Edgar Faure’s law abolished the existing faculties and replaced them with what is now known as universities. One year later the government granted an exceptional status to the IAE making it an independent part of the newly created University Lyon 2. In 1970 the Maitrise en Sciences de Gestion, a four-year degree in management is created.

1973 the IAE of Lyon became a part of Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 created in the same year. In 1975 the first five-year degrees, called Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées (DESS) and Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (DEA), are created. They were co-managed by the IAE of Lyon, the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Lyon (future EM Lyon) and the Economics department of the university. These degrees are the predecessors of the current Masters degrees available. During this same year, the first research unit was implemented within the IAE of Lyon: the Centre Lyonnais des Sciences de Gestion (Management Sciences Centre of Lyon).

The early 80’s saw the start of the internationalization process of the IAE of Lyon, which increased with the years and has now become one of its main characteristics. In 1981 the first professors’ exchange is organised with the Carlson School of Management, Minnesota, in the United States. After a major reorganization and growth period in 1982, the IAE of Lyon initiates its first student exchange programme within Europe in 1983 with the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. The first student exchange outside Europe was organised in 1986 with the University of Georgia, Athens and the Georgetown University, Washington DC in the United States.

In 1992, the Institut Universitaire Professionnel (IUP) is created within the IAE of Lyon.

1995 saw the opening of two new research units: the IRIS and the OREM, as well as the creation of a new DEA degree on international management.

After 2000, all the activities of the IAE with the exception of research excepted, were gathered at the ‘Manufacture des Tabacs’ complex. In 2003 the IAE started conforming its programmes to the Bologna process and implementing the LMD. The LMD system is based on three types of degrees: Licence in three years (bachelor), Master in five years and doctorats in eight years (PhD).

In the same year the research unit of the Equipe Universitaire de Gestion Innovante (EUGINOV) focused on the innovative management and the ISEOR research centre from the Lyon 2 University was transferred to the IAE of Lyon. In 2004 the weight of the IAE within the management teaching and research is confirmed by the incorporation of the French-Chinese Research Center in Management as well as the creation of two new research teams, AFI and SICOMOR, add to the IAE of Lyon.


The IAE of Lyon is part of the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 and is located mainly at the ‘Manufacture des Tabacs’ campus. As part of Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, all the IAE students have access to the ensemble of services provided by the Lyon 3 University as libraries, sport and culture departments.

The ‘Manufacture des Tabacs’ complex[edit]

Since 2000, all of the IAE Lyon activities, except the EUGINOV organisation, are located at the ‘Manufacture des Tabacs’ complex.

To face the soaring cosumption of tobacco at the start of the 20th century, the French government decided to build a new plant in Lyon on a 25,000m² site of a fortification bought from the army. Started in 1912, the construction was interrupted by the First World War. Construction resumed in 1920 and was definitively finished in 1932. At this time 2,000 employees produced up to 30 million cigarettes on a daily basis. In 1987, the production was stopped and in July 1990 the Urban Community of Lyon bought the site for thirty-five million French franc on behalf of the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3.

The redevelopment of the old building was divided into 6 stages. The first stage was finished in 1993, however, it took 13 years to complete the whole project. At the end of 2004, the building surface available was 55,104 m², with an added underground car park of 6,603 m²; a total of 61,707 m².

This functional site illustrates the successful redevelopment of an industrial building into a modern tertiary education complex where the latest technologies are respectful of the historical past. This achievement is reflected in the recognition by the French Minister of Culture of the ‘Manufacture des Tabacs’ complex as a “Patrimoine du XXème siècle”.

The main reception desk for the university is located in the south courtyard of the complex, however the IAE welcome desk is located on the ground floor of the north building of the complex, close to the “cours Albert Thomas” street.

The complex features: quiet study rooms, computer rooms, Wi-Fi Internet access, three restaurant/canteen, library, the Lyon 3 international office, the sport and culture departments.

The medical service of the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, Service de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé, is also located at the ‘Manufacture des Tabacs’ complex. It offers several services to the Lyon 3 students as consultations in dietetics, psychiatry and psychology. It also provides first-aid.

The "Quai" campus[edit]

Located on the bank of the river Saône this campus is the oldest location of the Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. The first building of this university complex was built in 1896 and inaugurated by Félix Faure then President of France.

Nowadays the IAE is no longer present in this precinct, the EUGINOV research organization and some administrative tasks excepted.

The Bourg-en-Bresse campus[edit]

The IAE of Lyon is also present in Bourg-en-Bresse through the CEUBA, University Studies Centre of Bourg-en-Bresse and Ain, Centre d'Etudes Universitaires de Bourg et de l'Ain.


The teaching and degrees of the IAE follow the Bologna process.


IAE of Lyon programmes.JPG


Business Administration (AES) and Applied Economics (Gestion et économie) studies can be accessed after obtaining the Baccalauréat, the French highschool diploma. Management Sciences (Sciences de Gestion) and Team and Quality Management (Management des équipes et Qualité) streams are selective ones and can only be accessed after sitting written tests and interviews. Furthermore, one or two years of prior tertiary studies are required to apply.

Another rigorous selection takes place before the admission in Masters programmes.


The IAE of Lyon three main departments are teaching, research and administration. These departments are under the direct supervision of the Dean.


The research is part of the fundamental public service mission assigned to French universities. The specificity of Lyon IAE is the constant will to fulfil it with private companies through partnerships, in order to make the researches more practical. The IAE of Lyon created is first government appointed research centre in 1975. It included three teams focusing on different area: EURISTIK on strategy, MODEME on advanced information sciences and GRAPHOS on health care management. In 1995, two new research teams were added. IRIS specialized in marketing and OREM focusing on human resources. Two others departments were created in 2004: AFI covering the finance area and SICOMOR expanding the information sciences field. In 2006, the most recent team studying innovation and named ICOD was created.

Adding to this internal growth, two external research centres joined the IAE of Lyon. These centres are the French-Chinese Research Center in Management (Centre Franco-Chinois de Recherche en Gestion) and the ISEOR (Institut de Socio-économie des Entreprises et des Organisations) specialized in organisations management. The ISEOR is part of a partnership with EM Lyon, a private business school of Lyon.

The IAE historical research centre is now called MAGELLAN Centre and comprise seven research teams (EURISTIK, MODEME, IRIS, OREM, AFI, SICOMOR and ICOD).

With three major centres the IAE of Lyon is a leading element of the research in all the business areas.

International dimension[edit]

The early 80’s saw the start of the internationalization process of the IAE of Lyon, which increased with the years and has now become one of its main characteristics. In 2006, 1923 of the IAE students came from overseas, representing 82 nationalities.

EPAS Accreditation : On April 2008, the EFMD EPAS Accreditation Board awarded EPAS accreditation - European Programme Accreditation System - to the International Management'

The overseas campuses[edit]

In the 90’s the IAE of Lyon implemented a policy aiming to create programmes entirely taught overseas. Nowadays three undergraduate degrees and 19 postgraduate degrees are awarded outside France. The countries where these trainings are available are: Algeria (1), Armenia (9), Burkina Faso (1), China (2), Czech Republic (1), Hungary (1), Lebanon(1), Morocco (3), Poland (1) and Tunisia (2).

The programmes taught in English[edit]

The IAE of Lyon also developed programmes entirely taught in English within the "Manufacture des Tabacs" complex in Lyon. This is to provide overseas students with an opportunity for them to discover France and the French approach to business studies without language requirement to attend the teaching. This is also for French speaking students the opportunity to study in English, prior to an overseas exchange for example.

The offer consist of one undergraduate programme, three postgraduate degrees and a summer school.

The undergraduate one is the Studies in English at Lyon, France (SELF) programme. It includes management studies in English but also learning of the French language. The three postgraduate degrees are :

    • the European Business Realities Program completed in two years,
    • the International MBA program (launched in December 2008), executive MBA for persons with work experience
    • the General Management Program completed in one year but requiring a prior year of postgraduate studies in the home country.
    • The summer school is called Summer Business Program and is developed with the Carlson School of Business, University of Minnesota, USA.

The exchange programmes[edit]

In 1981 the first professors’ exchange is organised with the Carlson School of Management, Minnesota, in the United States. The IAE of Lyon initiates its first student exchange programme within Europe in 1983 with the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. The first student exchange outside Europe was organised in 1986 with the University of Georgia, Athens and the Georgetown University, Washington DC in the United States.

All the students of the IAE of Lyon have the opportunity to study overseas, mainly during their third or/and fifth years. The exchange network of the IAE of Lyon is now of 350 partner-universities throughout the world. In 2006, 240 overseas students came to Lyon through these exchange programmes and 200 French student went overseas.

More than a quarter of the IAE of Lyon students spend one year overseas during their studies.

International partners[edit]


University of KwaZulu-Natal, Clocktower building, South Africa.


Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
McGill's downtown campus, Montreal, Canada.
Georgetown University's main campus, United States.
McCombs School of Business, Austin, Texas, United States.


Shanghai University, campus library, China
Chinese University of Hong-Kong, lions pavilion, China
Rikkyo University, Japan


University of Vienna, Austria.
University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
University of Mannheim, Germany.
University of Oslo, Norway.
University of Seville, Spain.
Lund University, Sweden.
University College London, United Kingdom.
Manchester Business School, United Kingdom.


University of Otago - Clocktower building, New Zealand.

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