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Remix album by IAMX
Released 20 December 2008
Genre Electronic
Label NoCarbon
Producer Chris Corner
IAMX chronology
The Alternative
Live in Warsaw

IAMIXED is an album of remixes of various tracks from the 2006 album The Alternative by IAMX.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Spit It Out (Imogen Heap Remix)" 3:52
2. "Spit It Out (Gary Numan Remix)" 4:06
3. "The Alternative (BitRayker Remix)" 4:04
4. "The Alternative (Sidney Looper Remix)" 4:29
5. "The Negative Sex (I Will Shank You For A Penny Remix)" 5:13
6. "President (Andrew Friendly Remix)" 8:32