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The International Association of Project and Program Management (IAPPM), formed in 2003 through the active volunteers and established as a global project management professional organization and Association providing knowledge and useful content back to project managers and program managers. IAPPM is the publisher of the CPPGuide and the "CIPAGuide", currently in first draft format. Currently regular membership stands at $70 USD per year.

You do not need a IAPPM certification to become a member of IAPPM. Furthermore if you apply for a certification that membership fees be paid in order to maintain certification status.

IAPPM also provides four key certifications to business professionals; Certified Project Manager (CPM), the Certified International Project Auditor or CIPA, or Certified Project Director CPD to successful individuals meeting project experience and eligibility criteria.

This also assists Professionals looking for a competitive advantage in their professional development.An online examination is also provided. No re-certification is currently needed.

As an independent project organization, IAPPM is dedicated to helping individuals achieving success in the global project community, IAPPM has 15 chapters globally and continually seeks to assist project managers with standards development, documentation and work related knowledge.

Recognized by numerous organization such as, Columbia University project management, International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC).

The IAPPM has no published official, physical office address, and their mailing address is a UPS Mail Store, where they have a postal box, located in St. John's, Florida. The website is registered to a Jason Chervat in New Brunswick, New Jersey, at 111 Lloyd CtEast Brunswick, NJ 08816 (a private residence). New Brunswick, New jersey is also the location of the bank, to which prospective members and those seeking certification are instructed to wire their funds. Mr. Chervat has noted on his LinkedIn page as of August 19, 2013 that ended his position of Director-Project Services in 2007. Mr. Chervat is also listed on LinkedIn as living in St. Augustine, Florida as of August 19, 2013.

The IAPPM currently charges between $370 to $500 USD for various certification and admits on its own website that as of August 19, 2013; "With 65% of our client emanating from countries other than USA", the majority of their "client" (sic) are outside the USA.

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