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Irish Association of Youth Science Groups (IAYSG) was an association of disparate science groups in Ireland in the 1980s.

The IAYSG was founded in 1982 and met regularly in Thomas Prior House in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland.

In the early 1990s the IAYSG became Youth Science Ireland (YSI). The aim of Youth Science Ireland is to promote science amongst young people, and to promote the interests of its members. YSI is a member of AONTAS - The Irish National Adult Learning Organisation, Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), the European Youth Science Network (EURYSN), the Mouvement international pour le loisir scientifique et technique,[1] (MILSET; English: International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology), and the International Network for Information on Science and Technology Education (INISTE). "Science Link" is the newsletter published by Youth Science Ireland.


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