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International Boxing Federation
International Boxing Federation (emblem).jpg
Abbreviation IBF
Formation 1983[1]
Type Non-profit institution
Purpose Boxing sanctioning organization
Headquarters Springfield, New Jersey, USA
Region served
Daryl Peoples
Main organ
General Assembly

The International Boxing Federation (IBF) is one of four major organizations recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) which sanction world championship boxing bouts, alongside the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing Organization (WBO).


The IBF was preceded by the United States Boxing Association (USBA), a regional championship organization like the North American Boxing Federation (NABF), North American Boxing Council (NABC) and the North American Boxing Association (NABA). In 1983, at the WBA's annual convention, held in Puerto Rico that year, Bob Lee, president of the USBA, lost in his bid to become WBA president against Gilberto Mendoza. Lee and others withdrew from the convention after the election, and decided to organize a new world-level organization. At first, the new group was named the USBA-International. They decided to base the new organization in New Jersey, where its main offices are still located.

The IBF's first world champion was Marvin Camel, a former World Boxing Council world Cruiserweight champion who won the IBF's belt in the same division. During its first year of existence, however, the IBF remained largely obscure. But by 1984, the IBF decided to recognize Larry Holmes, Aaron Pryor, Marvin Hagler and Donald Curry, already established champions from other organizations, as IBF world champions. In Holmes' case, he relinquished his WBC title to accept the IBF's recognition. It established the IBF as the "third" sanctioning body, and a legitimate organization.

The organization's reputation was seriously damaged in 1999; as Lee resigned as the IBF's president upon conviction on racketeering and other violations for taking bribes in exchange for high boxer rankings. Hiawatha Knight then became the first woman president of any of the world's governing boxing bodies. In 2001, Marian Muhammad followed her as president. The organization was under federal observation from Lee's conviction through September 2004. After Marian Muhammad, the next IBF president was Daryl J. Peoples, who is still the organization's president as of 2016.

Current IBF world title holders[edit]


Weight class: Champion: Reign began: days
Mini flyweight  Jose Argumedo (MEX) December 31, 2015 342
Junior flyweight  Akira Yaegashi (JPN) December 29, 2015 344
 Milan Melindo (PHI) (interim Champion) November 26, 2016 11
Flyweight  Johnriel Casimero (PHI) May 25, 2016 196
Junior bantamweight  Jerwin Ancajas (PHI) September 3, 2016 95
Bantamweight  Lee Haskins (UK) November 20, 2015 383
Junior featherweight  Jonathan Guzmán (DOM) July 20, 2016 140
Featherweight  Lee Selby (UK) May 30, 2015 557
Junior lightweight  José Pedraza (PUR) June 13, 2015 543
Lightweight  Robert Easter Jr. (USA) September 9, 2016 89
Junior welterweight  Julius Indongo (NAM) December 3, 2016 4
Welterweight  Kell Brook (UK) August 16, 2014 844
Junior middleweight  Jermall Charlo (USA) September 12, 2015 452
Middleweight  Gennady Golovkin (KAZ) October 17, 2015 417
Super middleweight  James DeGale (UK) May 23, 2015 564
Light heavyweight  Andre Ward (USA) November 19, 2016 18
Cruiserweight  Murat Gassiev (RUS) December 3, 2016 4
Heavyweight  Anthony Joshua (UK) April 09, 2016 242


Weight class: Champion: Date won: Days
Atomweight (102 lbs) Uninaugurated
Mini Flyweight (105 lbs)  Etsuko Tada (JPN) 11 December 2015 362
Junior Flyweight (108 lbs)  Naoko Shibata (JPN) 14 November 2013 1119
Flyweight (112 lbs)  Leonela Yudica (ARG) 19 December 2014 719
Junior Bantamweight (115 lbs)  Debora Dionicius (ARG) 24 November 2012 1474
Bantamweight (118 lbs)  Carolina Duer (ARG) 26 Aug 2016 103
Junior Featherweight (122 lbs)  Yulihan Luna (MEX) 15 November 2014 753
Featherweight (126 lbs)  Jennifer Han (USA) 09 September 2015 455
Junior Lightweight (130 lbs)  Anahi Sanchez (ARG) 19 March 2016 263
Lightweight (135 lbs)  Victoria Bustos (ARG) 21 September 2013 1173
Junior Welterweight (140 lbs)  Celeste Peralta (ARG) 14 May 2016 207
Welterweight (147 lbs)  Cecilia Brækhus (NOR) 14 September 2014 815
Junior Middleweight (154 lbs) Vacant
Middleweight (160 lbs) Uninaugurated
Super Middleweight (168 lbs) Uninaugurated
Light Heavyweight (175 lbs) Uninaugurated
Heavyweight (175+ lbs) Uninaugurated

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