IBM 5x86C

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IBM 5x86C
IBM 5x86C Processor
Common manufacturer(s)
Min. feature size 0.65μm
Instruction set x86

The IBM 5x86C is an IBM branded and produced version of the Cyrix-designed Cyrix Cx5x86 CPU.

Previous IBM x86 processors, IBM 386SLC and IBM 486SLC, were based on modified Intel designs.


  • iDX4WB pinout, 168 pins
  • Socket 3
  • 2.0 million transistors on 0.65 micrometre process
  • 144 mm² die
  • 3.3 volt supply
  • 16 kilobyte unified level-one cache

75 MHz capable edition for 25 MHz (25x3) front side bus
100 MHz[permanent dead link] capable edition for 33 MHz (33x3) front side bus