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An IBM 519 Document-Originating Machine with plugboard control panel open (it would be closed during operation).

The IBM 519 Document-Originating Machine, introduced in 1946, was the last in a series of unit record machines designed for automated preparation of punched cards. It could

  • reproduce all or parts of the information on a set of cards
  • "gangpunch" - copy information from a master card into the following detail cards
  • print up to eight digits on the end of a card
  • compare two decks of cards
  • summary punch information provided by a connected accounting machine
  • mark sense.” - marks made with an electrographic pencil in designated locations on a punched card are sensed and then holes corresponding to those marks punched into the card
  • number cards consecutively (an optional feature)

It operated at 100 cards per minute. Operations of the 519 were directed by a removable control panel.

The reproducing, gangpunching, summary punching, and comparing features of the IBM 519 are very similar to those of the IBM 513 and IBM 514.


Another view of a 519.

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