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Distributed Processing Control eXecutive (DPCX)
Written inPL/S-like PL/DS language
Working stateDiscontinued
Available inEnglish
PlatformsIBM 8100

DPCX (Distributed Processing Control eXecutive) was an operating system for the IBM 8100 small computer system.[1][2] IBM hoped it would help their installed base of IBM 3790 customers migrate to the 8100 and the DPPX operating system. It was mainly deployed to support a word processing system, Distributed Office Support Facility (DOSF) which was derived from the earlier IBM 3730 word processing system.

Like DPPX, it was written in the PL/S-like PL/DS language. The applications, including much of DOSF, however, were written an interpreted language that was "compiled" using the System/370 assembler macro facility.

The 8100/DPCX/DOSF system was the first type of distributed system to connect to the IBM Distributed Office Support System (DISOSS) running on data host.[3] Later versions of DISOSS relied on SNA Distribution System (SNADS) and eventually became peer-to-peer communication of documents which complied with Document Interchange Architecture (DIA) and Document Content Architecture (DCA) as other types of distributed system gained DISOSS support – Scanmaster, Displaywriter, and 5520 Office System.


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