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CASCON (Centre for Advanced Studies Conference) is a Computer Science conference hosted by IBM Canada Software Lab. CAS Research that occurs annually in late-October or early-November in Markham, Ontario. The conference typically lasts 3 or 4 days.


CASCON 2017:


CASCON was established in 1990. CASCON is a premiere industrial academic conference in computer science and software engineering, with about a thousand three hundred attendees. It continues to be an innovative forum for researchers, innovators, technologies and developers from academia, industry, and government to share knowledge, form collaborations, present original work and experience first-hand the latest technology trends.

Conference Content and format include:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Technical paper track
  • Emerging technology track for position papers
  • Workshops in different technology areas (such as Technology Areas)
  • Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards
  • Frontiers of Software Practice plenaries
  • Technology showcase of research outcome

CASCON proceedings are available in the ACM Digital Library and DBLP indexed.

Technical Papers[edit]

The technical papers program will feature both experience reports and original research papers in the general area of software technology and applications, but particularly addressing this year's theme.

At the conference, awards are given out for Best Paper and Best Student Paper. Criteria for the paper includes originality, clarity and potential impact.[1]

Two paper awards - for Best Paper and Best Student Paper - will be presented to recognize the best technical contributions of the event in terms of originality, clarity and potential impact. To be eligible for the "Best Student Paper" award, a paper must have been primarily authored by a student and the work that the paper reports must have been undertaken by the student authors. Only the student author(s) of the Best Student Paper award receives a prize. The recipients must have been students at the time the work was undertaken.

Emerging Technology Track for Position Papers[edit]

CASCON Emerging Technology Track invites position papers to share visions, ideas, and insights on these advancements, highlight technology gaps, research agendas, and integrated solutions, and initiate discussion, feedback, and further collaboration.


Workshops are held throughout the conference in the form of tutorials and hands-on. Workshop hosts come from a variety of backgrounds. Any individual is free to submit an application and request to host a workshop. The workshops are then selected and the public is given notice of the workshops that will be available during the conference. Early registration is required as seating is limited to a first-come-first-served basis. Registration to the conference and its workshops are available on the CASCON site.

Technology Showcase[edit]

The Technology Showcase is open throughout the 4-day conference and includes poster displays and demonstrations of new technological innovations. These displays demonstrate on-going research projects of graduate students from universities as well as those from industry. It allows communication and networking in a non-formal setting.

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