IBM Check Processing Control System

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Developer(s) IBM
Initial release before 1971; 46 years ago (1971)[1][2][3]
Stable release
V1R13 / 2006; 11 years ago (2006)
Written in Cobol, Assembler[4]
Operating system z/OS
Type Check Sorting Software
License Proprietary
Website at the Wayback Machine (archived May 24, 2001)

CPCS (Check Processing Control System) is an IBM software product that supports high speed check sorting operations within financial institutions.[5][6] The software works in conjunction with check sorting equipment, such as the IBM 3890.[2][7]

This application is run on the main frame. It receives the data from the document processor and can store information from the cheques, including the bank number, branch number, account number and the amount the check was written for, as well as internal transaction codes.[8]


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