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IBM ES/9000 is the family of IBM mainframes, introduced in 1990,[1] as the first implementations of the ESA/390 architecture, and developed to accommodate VSE/ESA, VM/ESA and MVS/ESA operating systems. New hardware features included implementation of ESCON fiber optic channels. ES/9000 family was introduced directly after ESA/370-based models, such as IBM ES/3090, IBM ES/4381, and inherited such hardware features as expanded storage, logical partitioning (LPAR), and optional vector facilities (vector co-processors).

Water-cooled ES/9000 models included ES/9021-900,[2] -820, -720, -620, -580, -500, -340 and -330.
Air-cooled ES/9000 models included standalone ES/9121-480, -440, -320, -260, -210, -190, and rack mounted: ES/9221-421, -211, -170, -150, -130, -120.

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