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OpenPower was the name of a range of servers in the System p line from IBM. They featured IBM's POWER5 CPUs and run only 64-bit versions of Linux. IBM's own UNIX variant, AIX is not supported since the OpenPower servers are not licensed for this operating system.

There were two models available, with a variety of configurations.

Before 2005, OpenPower belonged to the eServer product line but were eventually rolled into the IBM's Power Systems product portfolio.

In 2013 IBM founded the OpenPOWER Foundation, an industry consortium for developing and promoting the higher end Power Architecture of POWER8 and later. The names are similar but they are not the same thing.

More details and documentation of IBM's contributions to OpenPOWER can be found on the IBM Portal for OpenPOWER.

OpenPower models[edit]

  • IBM eServer OpenPower 710
  • IBM eServer OpenPower 720

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