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IBM Software Group (SWG) was one of the major divisions of IBM. Since 2010, it was sub-divided into two groups: Middleware and Solutions[1][2]

See List of IBM products#Computer software for a list of actual IBM software products.

Middleware Group[edit]

  • Information Management Software — database servers and tools, text analytics, and content management.
  • Rational Software — Software development and application lifecycle management. Acquired in 2002.
  • Tivoli Software — Systems management. Acquired in 1995. Re-branded as 'Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure' (C&SI) in 2013.
  • WebSphere - An EJB development environment, container, and a series of pre-packaged applications, primarily for management interfaces and web commerce.

Solutions Group[edit]

  • Lotus Software — Groupware, collaboration and business software. Acquired in 1995.
  • Business Analytics — Cognos and SPSS
  • Industry Solutions — Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Marketing Management and B2B&Commerce


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