IBM System Cluster 1350

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The IBM Intelligent Cluster was a cluster solution for High-performance computing composed primarily of IBM System x, IBM BladeCenter and IBM System Storage components integrated with network switches from various vendors and optional high-performance InfiniBand interconnects. The solution was previously known as the IBM System Cluster 1350, and before that IBM eServer 1350 or simply e1350.

Roughly twice a year the solution components were updated to include the then-current products from IBM and other vendors.

The solution was predated by the eServer cluster 1300 (or e1300) based on then-current Pentium III products, which was introduced in November 2001. This was replaced by the e1350 in October 2002 with the introduction of Pentium 4 based Intel Xeon products.

Operating system choices were officially limited to Enterprise Linux distributions from Red Hat and SUSE and to Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008. For systems management IBM offered xCAT. Additional software, such as GPFS and LoadLeveler, could also be ordered from IBM.

IBM Intelligent Cluster systems were integrated, factory-built and tested cluster solutions with comprehensive warranty service for all components, including third-party options. The system could comprise traditional rack-optimized nodes, as well as IBM BladeCenter and iDataPlex nodes with processor choices between Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processor architectures, along with integrated storage and switches to provide a turnkey Linux or Microsoft cluster environment.