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IBRIX Fusion is a parallel file system combined with a logical volume manager, availability features and a management interface. The software was produced, sold, and supported by IBRIX Incorporated of Billerica, Massachusetts. HP announced on July 17, 2009 that it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire IBRIX.[1] Subsequent to the acquisition, the software components of IBRIX have been combined with ProLiant servers to form the X9000 series of storage systems.[2]

The X9000 storage systems are designed to provide network-attached storage over both standard protocols (CIFS, NFS, HTTP and NDMP [2]) as well as a proprietary protocol. Architecturally, the file system is limited to 16 petabytes under a single namespace,[3] and is based upon a design described in U.S. Patent 6,782,389.

It was used in the HP StoreOnce (former D2D) products.[citation needed]

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