Industria Aeronautică Română

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Industria Aeronautică Română
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1925
Headquarters Brașov, Romania

Industria Aeronautică Română (IAR) (now IAR S.A. Brașov) or Romanian Aeronautic Industry in English, is a Romanian aerospace manufacturer founded in 1925.[1] Based in Ghimbav, near Brașov, Romania, the company employs around 1,200 specialists including more than 170 engineers. It carries out upgrades, revisions, and overhauls on helicopters and light aircraft.[2]


IAR Brașov facilities in 1938

To ensure that the Royal Romanian Air Force (the Aeronautica Regală Română, or ARR) would be supplied with aircraft without reliance on foreign producers, the Romanian government subsidized the creation of three major aircraft manufacturers in the interbellum period. The first was Societatea pentru Exploatări Tehnice (SET) which was founded in Bucharest in 1923. Next came IAR, which was formed in Brașov since 1925. Finally there was Întreprinderea de Construcții Aeronautice Românești (ICAR), which was created in Bucharest in 1932, and operated a factory in Brașov known as ICA-Brașov (Întreprinderea de Construcții Aeronautice - Brașov).

One of the engineers designing IAR aircraft in the early 1930s was Elie Carafoli.

During World War II, the IAR 80 and IAR 81 fighter aircraft were designed and produced at IAR facilities.[1]

In 1945 and 1947, under the coordination of Radu Manicatide and Radu Mărdărescu, IAR developed a microcar, named M.R., and an automobile.[3]

Since 1968, IAR has produced more than 370 helicopters (IAR 316 and IAR 330), 830 gliders, including motor gliders, and 140 aircraft.

In 2000, IAR created, with Eurocopter Group, Eurocopter Romania, holding a 49% stake in it.[4][5]

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