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'ICAfrica' (International Charity for Africa) is a Canadian NGO and charitable organization delivering community level poverty alleviation support through small enterprise economic development.[1] ICAfrica provides micro-loans, tools, small-business coaching and skills training to small but promising entrepreneurs, especially women, in sub-Saharan Africa so they can grow their small businesses, create employment opportunities for themselves and others - men & women (parents) and young people in Africa, and help reduce poverty on the continent. ICAfrica's approach is that when people earn fair wages, they are able to provide their families with basic needs, such as food, housing, clothing, health, and education.

ICAfrica feels that the developed world has already spent over 50 years and billions of dollars on trying to solve the problem of extreme poverty in Africa and yet very little has changed today, in Nov 2013. ICAfrica believes that what the 70% of able-bodied unemployed (or underemployed) people in sub-Saharan Africa need are jobs, or financial assistance (micro-loans) to create and operate their own enterprises. Not handouts in child sponsorships, feeding programs, etc.

ICAfrica focuses on assisting grassroots entrepreneurs to become the "engines" that drive the national economies of sub-Sahara towards sustainable development. ICAfrica's head office is in Ottawa Canada and the organization is currently active in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, where they are actively helping move families out of extreme poverty, through micro-finance empowerment for entrepreneurs and farmers and through business coaching.

The founder of ICAfrica is Eugene Nzeribe


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