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ICCT Colleges Foundation Inc., is a tertiary education provider with campuses located mainly in the Province of Rizal, Philippines. In Rizal it has campuses in the municipality's of Cainta, Sumulong Hi-way (Cainta), San Mateo, Cogeo, Antipolo, Taytay, Binangonan and Angono. It exists under the law of the Republic of the Philippines and offers courses that are accredited by Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and as well as industry accredited certificates.

ICCT Colleges Foundation Inc.
ICCT Colleges Foundation Official Logo.png
Motto A Global Pinoy Distinction
Type Private College
Established 15 December 1992
Chairman Dr. William Co
President Vivien Catherine Co-Say, PhD
Location 1900 Marcos Highway Cainta, Rizal, Philippines
Campus Multiple campuses across Rizal
Hymn The ICCT Hymn
Colours Blue and White         
Affiliations Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU)
Website www.icct.edu.ph


Early Years[edit]

The Institute of Creative Computer Technology was originally established in Rizal by Dr. William S. Co on 15 December 1992 because Dr. Co wanted to help the people of Rizal acquire skills in computer technology. By 1994, they began offering four-year degree programs. With the passage of Republic Act No. 7722 of the Higher Education Act of 1994, privately controlled educational institution's academic fees were deregulated. Unlike the other universities and colleges who used this as an most value for money. Until today, ICCT Colleges continues to provide the most affordable tuition fees. This makes it stand out among its peers.[1]

Name change[edit]

In 2002, the name of The Institute of Creative Computer Technology was officially changed to ICCT Colleges Foundation Inc..

Seventh campus[edit]

The ground breaking ceremony of the Taytay campus was held in early 2009, headed by the Chairman, Dr. William S. Co and President, Dr. Consuelo L. Co. It has a size of 2500 sq. m. wide.

Eighth campus[edit]

The eight campus is the Binangonan Campus which has officially opened on 10 March 2009, headed by the Chairman, Dr. William S. Co and President, Dr. Consuelo L. Co, with guest of honor Gov. Casimiro "Jun" Ynares, M.D. (Rizal), Mayor Cecilio "Boyet" Ynares (Binangonan) and the members of Binangonan Municipal Councils. This brought the Philippines's most affordable and innovative quality education to Binangonan.

Present Endeavors[edit]

At Present, ICCT Colleges runs 32 degree programs in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, Criminilogy, Education, Arts & Sciences, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Tourism, Mass Communication, and Health Science Education (BS Nursing) from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED); and for the 25 vocational / certificate programs from the Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Short - term courses of one (1) to two (2) weeks program, International Studies, Language & Culture Study Programs, Certificate in Teaching Program, Certificate in Health Science Aide, Certificate in Call Center, Certificate in Medical Transcription, and Certificate in Caregiver are also being offered.[2]

The official school mascot, Willy.

Official Student Publication[edit]

NewsBytes, the official student publication of the college, has an office on the 3rd floor of the main building in the Cainta campus, releasing an issue each term. Newsbytes is published by ICCT Colleges every trimestral ( 3 times a year ) with printed circulation of 20,000 copies per volume. Topics in the publication includes: general student interests, entertainment, sports, editorial, campus news and events. Newsbytes is written and edited by the student and alumni of ICCT Colleges; available free to all students, faculty, alumni and staff.

Student Organizations[edit]


  • ICCT Psychology Club
  • Computer Explorers Society
  • English Club
  • ICCT Educator's Society
  • Math Club
  • ICCT Colleges Newsbytes
  • Taekwondo Club
  • ITVO
  • ICCT Engineering Society
  • Societas Hotelianos
  • BA Club
  • ICCT Masscom Society
  • ICCT Blue Dragons
  • Areteas
  • ICCT Chess Club
  • ICCT Cisco Student Organization
  • Lakbay (Tourism Club)
  • ICCT Rhythm and Voices
  • SIBOL Theatrical Group
  • Yin Yang HD

Campus Locations[edit]

  • ICCT Colleges - Cainta
  • ICCT Colleges - Sumulong-Sumulong Cainta
  • ICCT Colleges - Angono
  • ICCT Colleges - Antipolo
  • ICCT Colleges - Cogeo-Cogeo Antipolo
  • ICCT Colleges - San Mateo
  • ICCT Colleges - Taytay
  • ICCT Colleges - Binangonan

Program Courses[edit]

ICCT Colleges offers bachelor's degree programs as well as short term courses.

Degree Programs[edit]

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business and Accountancy

  • B.S. in Business Administration (3 yrs.+)
    • Major in Information Management
    • Major in Marketing Management
    • Major in Financial Management
    • Major in Operations Management
    • Major in Human Resources Development
    • Major in Economics
    • Major in Legal Management
  • B.S. in Accountancy (4 yrs.)
  • B.S. in Accounting Technology (3 yrs.+)

College of Computer Studies

with the following specializations:

• Animation & Game Technology

• Digital Arts

• Web & Mobile Applications

• Web Application & Development

College of Engineering

College of Health Sciences

  • B.S. Medical Technology

College of Criminology

International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Enhanced Technical/Vocational Programs[edit]

Diploma Programs Enhanced TechVoc Programs (ETVP) / Diploma Courses

  • DHRM2 - Diploma in Associate Hotel & Restaurant Management-2 (2 yrs.)
  • DOSM - Diploma in Office System Management (1 yr.)
  • DTMA - Diploma in Tourism Management Associate (2 yrs.)
  • DCCS - Diploma in Consumer Electronics & Computer HS (1 yr.)
  • DSDA - Diploma in Software Development Associate (1 yr.)
  • DHWA - Diploma in Health Care & Wellness Associate (1 yr.)
  • DHRM1 - Diploma in Associate Hotel & Restaurant Management-1 (1 yr.)

Short Term Courses TESDA Skills Training Program (STP) / Certificate Courses

  • CP - Certificate in Computer Programming NCIV
  • CES - Certificate in Consumer Electronics Servicing NCII
  • CHS - Certificate in Computer Hardware Servicing NCII
  • CEM - Certificate in Emergency Medical Services NCII
  • CFOS - Certificate in Front Office Services NCII
  • CH - Certificate in Housekeeping NCII
  • CB - Certificate in Bartending NCII
  • CBP - Certificate in Bread & Pastry NCII
  • CCC - Certificate in Commercial Cooking / Cookery NCII
  • CFB - Certificate in Food & Beverages NCII
  • CG1 - Certificate in Caregiver NCII
  • CG2 - Certificate in Professional Live-in Caregiver NCII
  • SMAW1 - Certificate in Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCI
  • SMAW2 - Certificate in Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCII
  • CTP1 - Certificate in Teaching Program- SEP
  • CTP2 - Certificate in Teaching Program- ECEP
  • BCL - Basic Chinese Language Proficiency
  • ACL - Advance Chinese Language Proficiency
  • SLP - Spanish Language Proficiency
  • KLP - Korean Language Proficiency
  • JLP - Japanese Language Proficiency

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