ICC East Asia-Pacific

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ICC East Asia-Pacific
Abbreviation ICC EAP
Formation 1996
Purpose Cricket administration
Coordinates 37°49′06″S 144°58′51″E / 37.818328°S 144.9808°E / -37.818328; 144.9808
Andrew Faichney
Parent organization
Website [1]

ICC East Asia-Pacific is the International Cricket Council region responsible for administration of the sport of cricket in East Asia and the Pacific area.

The region was founded in 1996 with a regional office established in 1999. The area covered by the region includes two Test nations, four ICC associate members and five ICC affiliate nations.[1][2]

The region is headed by the Regional Development Manager, Andrew Faichney, based in Australia at the offices of Cricket Australia. The region is supported by the Australian and New Zealand cricket team and these are the only official Test cricket members in the region. The four Test cricket countries in Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka who are playing in South Asia) are members of the Asian Cricket Council.[3][4]

The EAP is responsible for International tournaments and events, such as: participation in competitions, coaching courses (coach education), umpiring courses, youth development and training; junior/schools programs, administration development, marketing and cricket campsites within the region.[3]


EAP is also responsible for organising the ICC EAP Cricket Trophy, which is the regional international championship competition and allows teams within the region to attempt to qualify for the Cricket World Cup in One Day International and Twenty20 matches and other competitions such as Test cricket.[3] The ICC EAP Cricket Trophy includes the ICC EAP Cricket Trophy (List A), which begun in 2005, and ICC EAP Cricket Trophy (Twenty20), which started in 2011.

Other tournaments including the East Asia-Pacific region teams include the Trans Tasman Trophy (Test) and the Chappell–Hadlee Trophy (ODI) between the only two Test status members Australia and New Zealand.

Member countries[edit]

Current members of the ICC East Asia Pacific
Country Association Membership
 Australia Cricket Australia Full Member 1909 1996
 Cook Islands Cook Islands Cricket Association Affiliate 2000 2000
 Fiji Fiji Cricket Association Associate 1966 1996
 Indonesia Indonesia Cricket Foundation Affiliate 2001 2001
 Japan Japan Cricket Association Associate 1989 1996
 New Zealand New Zealand Cricket Full Member 1926 1996
 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Cricket Board Associate with ODI status 1973 1996
 Philippines Philippines Cricket Association Affiliate 2000 2000
 Samoa Cricket Samoa Affiliate 2000 2000
 South Korea Korea Cricket Association Affiliate 2001 2001
 Vanuatu Vanuatu Cricket Association Associate 2009 2009

Former members[edit]

Team Governing body ICC Membership
 Tonga Tonga Cricket Association 2000–2014 Membership suspended in 2013, removed entirely in 2014.[5][6][7]

Former members of the Asian Cricket Council[edit]

Country Association Membership
 Fiji Fiji Cricket Association Associate 1965 1996
 Japan Japan Cricket Association Associate 1989 1996
 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Cricket Board Associate 1973 1996

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