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The ICEHOUSE is a business growth centre that creates learning environments for entrepreneurial firms to enable them to significantly grow their companies. This charitable trust encompasses a business incubator for startup companies, a training company for owner managed companies and is home to New Zealand’s largest grouping of angel investors. The current CEO of The ICEHOUSE is Andy Hamilton.

The ICEHOUSE is a collaborative partnership between The University of Auckland Business School, The Boston Consulting Group, Telecom and Gen-i, BNZ, Ernst & Young, HP, and Microsoft. It was established in 2001, to reflect the partners’ commitment to empower New Zealand companies to achieve and sustain high levels of small and medium enterprises economic performance.

John Antony Hood, the previous Vice Chancellor of Oxford University said in his visit to New Zealand

“Successfully nurturing creative and clever new business ventures is the essence of ensuring the future wealth and welfare of societies: in New Zealand, The ICEHOUSE, led and inspired since its inception by Andrew Hamilton, is the beacon.”


The ICEHOUSE won the Education Category in 2009 Vero Excellence in Business Support Awards [1]

In May 2010, Forbes names The Icehouse as a top ten technology incubator changing the world.[2]

Notable Publications[edit]

Irving, D et al. (2009). Changing Gears: How to Take Your Kiwi Business From the Kitchen Table to the Board Room, Auckland University Press


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