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Original author(s) ICEsoft Technologies Inc.
Stable release
4.2.0[1] / 25 April 2017; 14 months ago (2017-04-25)
Type Ajax, Java, JSF2, Framework
License Open Source MPL, Apache

ICEfaces is an open source Software development kit that extends JavaServer Faces (JSF) by employing Ajax. It is used to construct rich Internet applications (RIA) using the Java programming language. With ICEfaces, the coding for interaction and Ajax on the client side is programmed in Java, rather than in JavaScript, or with plug-ins.


ICEfaces is designed to work with Java EE servers, encapsulating Ajax calls. ICEfaces is based on the JavaServer Faces standard, it extends some standard components supplemented with in-built Ajax. ICEfaces allows partial submits. It also provides "Ajax Push", a variant of Comet capability, that can update the DOM of a web page from the server-side.

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