African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation

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ITUC Africa
ICFTU-AFRO logo.jpg
Full name ITUC Regional Organisation for Africa
Founded 1957 (1993)
Members 15 million (2004)[1]
Affiliation ITUC
Key people Kwasi Adu-Amankwah, General Secretary
Office location Lome, Togo
Country Africa

The ITUC Regional Organisation for Africa (ITUC-Africa) is a regional organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation, representing trade unions from countries in Africa. There are 56 national trade union federations affiliated to ITUC-Africa, from 45 countries, and representing a total of 15 million workers.

The organisation held its first congress in 1957, but the current organisation was not fully formed until 1993. Until the 2007 merger of the ICFTU with the WCL it was named ICFTU African Regional Organisation (ICFTU-AFRO).

The organisation has six main departments, handling conflict resolution, economic & social policy, education, gender & equality, HIV/AIDS, and humand & trade union rights. In its own words,

ICFTU-AFRO seeks to fight poverty, unemployment and all forms of discrimination, exploitation, arbitrary unrests, detention without trial and unlawful dismissals.

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