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ICHEC Brussels Management School
Institut Catholique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales
Type Private Catholic
Established 1954[1]
Students around 2000[2]
Location Brussels, Belgium
50°50′17″N 4°24′31″E / 50.83806°N 4.40861°E / 50.83806; 4.40861Coordinates: 50°50′17″N 4°24′31″E / 50.83806°N 4.40861°E / 50.83806; 4.40861
Website www.ichec.be

The ICHEC Brussels Management School (French: Institut Catholique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales) is an elite Catholic college in Brussels (Belgium, Europe). The college offers education in commercial and financial sciences.[3]

University level Education[edit]

General organisation of studies

The education given at ICHEC has a dual purpose

  • Professional : the student is gradually introduced into the complex world of management
  • Scientific : the student is given a critical approach which will enable him/her to play a dynamic role socially and economically.

The school is one of the leading Belgian business schools and a member of the International Conference of French speaking Business Schools (HEC francophones).

ICHEC is certified by the Belgian Authorities of Education to offer these standard European degrees:

  • Bachelor and Master in Business Engineering
  • Bachelor and Master in Business and Management

Specific features of the Bachelor degree[edit]

During their Bachelor years, students are trained in economics, management, law and human resources as well as in applied mathematics (advanced algebra and calculus, operational research).

Languages play an important part in the programmes. Dutch and English during the bachelor degree, plus a third language to be chosen from the second year on between German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. This ensures students graduating at ICHEC are fluent in two languages (English and Dutch (or German), with a level C1+ (CEFR), and have advanced level in a third one (level B2), in addition to French being their mother tongue.

Master in Business and Management[edit]

A Master's degree can be obtained in 1 or 2 years (60 or 120 ECTS credits) in day or evening classes

- Master in Business and Management (2 years - courses in French and English)

During the first year of this Master programme, students have to choose between 2 major orientations : Finance and International Management.

In addition to the orientation programme, students can take specific course groups in many fields, among which :

  • Marketing and communication
  • Entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized companies
  • Human resources management
  • Accounting and audit
  • Management of information systems
  • Developing countries
  • European management
  • Intercultural management
  • Fiscal studies
  • Sustainable management.

Students also have the opportunity to achieve an individual project through internships, thesis, courses abroad or foreign language classes.

- Master in International Business and Management (1 year - courses in English)

Our new Master in International Business and Management is a one-year degree entirely taught in English, a real opportunity for Belgian as well as foreign students to discover the cosmopolitan city of Brussels. The same programme exists in French.

Master in Business Engineering[edit]

The Business Engineer is a manager in the broadest sense, able, through a multi-disciplinary approach to synthesize economic and technical factors. A clear understanding of technical problems allows him to be the expert interface between the production managers and the sales and finance executives in a company.

Multi-disciplinarity is an essential characteristic of the Business Engineer. It opens up a wide sphere of activities and greatly improves the prospects for his / her professional career.

This programme is articulated around four key subjects :

  • Computer science
  • Quantitative management methods
  • Technologies
  • Finance

Students are given the opportunity to choose between two options :

  • Innovation and management of technologies
  • Financial engineering

Foothold in the business world[edit]

ICHEC intends to combine a rigorous scientific preparation with a truly operational education.

Thanks to internships, seminars and co-operative education, students become familiar with the world of business. Contact with this world is also ensured through the participation of about 80 professors having their main activity in business. Moreover, activities of applied research centers and education given to managers by several of our specialised schools, add another link between 'ICHEC' and the world of business.

ICHEC is a leading school in continuing education for business in Belgium. Several hundreds of men and women participate each year in its programmes.

International dimension[edit]

Located in the capital of Europe (two metro stops from the Schuman square), the school reaches beyond its national dimension to operate on a European and even on a worldwide scale at several levels of education.

ICHEC students have the opportunity to participate in many international exchange programmes, to spend one semester in another partner university and even do an internship abroad.

The international office of ICHEC prepares a specific programme of courses for them to follow in their host university. This programme is equivalent to the one they would have followed at ICHEC at the same period.

Since 1993 ICHEC has given about 70 students every summer, the opportunity to go to Southern India or to Burkina-Faso and be part of house-building projects. This initiative called "ICHEC Housing Project" has been included in the second year of the Bachelor programme.

ICHEC, Clemson University (South Carolina) and UCL have created the Clemson University Brussels Center offering exchange and summer programmes to over 80 students a year.

Notable Alumni[edit]

Bernard Gustin, CEO of Brussels Airlines

Jean-Paul Votron (1950, ), former CEO of Fortis, now part of BNP Paribas, from 2004 to 2008

Didier Smits,[4] Board of directors at Delhaize Group

Freddy Tacheny,[5] General director of the Belgian Division of RTL Group

John Lelangue, Chief Directeur Sportif (Phonak, BMC)

Philippe Lacroix, managing director of Manpower Belgium since 2002, president of Federgon Wallonie,[6] administrator at Union Wallonne des Entreprises.[7]

Jean-Paul courtois, vice-president of Union Wallonne des Entreprises [8]

Philippe Lambrecht[9] (1959, ), Secretary-General of Federation of Belgian Enterprises

Jean Michel Loriers, Traiteur Loriers[10]

Jean-Pierre Bemba (1962, ), politician in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Brigitte Chanoine (1965, ), dean of the ICHEC Brussels Management School, member of the Board of Directors of Dexia[11] since 2010.


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