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ICRANet, the International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics, is an international organization promoting research activities. Its members are four countries and three Universities and Research Centres. The members are the Republic of Armenia, the Federal Republic of Brazil, the Republic of Italy, the Vatican State, the University of Tucson (USA), the Stanford Universityofficial name Leland Stanford Junior University (USA) and ICRA. The coordinating Centre[1] is located in Pescara, Italy.

The Establishment and the Statute were signed in 2003 and recognised in the same year by Armenia and the Vatican, in 2005 by Italy and in 2011 by Brazil.


The Organisation consists of: the Director Remo Ruffini, The Steering Committee,[2] The Scientific Committee.[3] Their activities are supported by Administrative Staff and Secretariat personnel.

Mission and Activities[edit]

ICRANet aims are training/education and research in the field of Relativistic Astrophysics. ICRANet financing is based by Statute on the funds provided by the governments and by voluntary contributions, donations.

The main activities of ICRANet are addressed to promote the international scientific co-operation; for this purpose many projects of scientific research in the domain of cosmology, theoretical physics and mathematical physics have been planned. A series of seats for the activities are being developed in order to achieve these goals. The first one has been completed and it’s fully operative in Pescara. The second is in Rome University "Sapienza" and the third and fourth ones are being established in Nice and Rio de Janeiro. Projects for additional Centres in Stanford (USA), Yerevan (Armenia) and New Zealand are being considered.

Training international projects by ICRANet have been established, both at a doctoral and post-doc level, for young researchers and teaching fellows. ICRANet also organizes seminars and international meetings, promotes exchange projects for teaching staff, students and associated training personnel coming from the major scientific institutes, research centers and universities worldwide. ICRANet, has signed several agreements of scientific co-operation with universities, national and international research institutes, in order to fulfil the scientific goals mentioned in its Statute.

Particularly noteworthy is the International Doctorate Program, IRAP PhD,[4] promoted and sponsored by ICRANet. The following universities and institutes co-operate into this program: the Free University of Berlin,[5] the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis,[6] the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich,[7] the University of Savoy, the Sapienza University of Rome[8] and the University of Ferrara.[9] The IRAP PhD is also sponsored by: ICRA,[10] the Côte d'Azur Observatory[11] and by the IHES of Paris.[12]

Vast publications on scientific Journals, books both of advanced research and of teaching activities are pursued by ICRANet Members. The activities in the Pescara Centre are promoted by the ICRANet Faculty Staff,[13] Adjunct Professors of the Faculty,[14] Lecturers,[15] Research Scientists,[16] Short-Term Visiting Scientists,[17] Long-Term Visiting Scientists,[18] International Relativistic Astrophysics Ph. D. Students,[19] Administrative Staff.[20]


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