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TTC UTDC ICTS Mark I 3012.jpg
ICTS Mark I train leaving Lawrence East station towards McCowan station.
Manufacturer Urban Transportation Development Corporation
Family name ICTS
Constructed 1983–1986 [1]
Entered service 1985
Refurbishment 2015
Number built 28
Number in service 28 [1]
Formation 4 car trains (2 sets of semi-permanently mated pairs)
Fleet numbers 3000–3027 [1]
2 un-numbered test cars used for testing by UTDC
Capacity 30 seated,[1] 55 standing
Operator(s) Toronto Transit Commission
Depot(s) McCowan Yard
Line(s) served TTC - Line 3 - Scarborough RT line.svg Line 3 Scarborough
Car body construction Aluminum
Car length 41 ft 8 in (12.70 m)
Width 8 ft 2 in (2.489 m)
Doors 4 sets (2 sets per side) per car
Maximum speed 70 km/h or 43 mph
Weight 34,050 lb (1,840 kg)
Power output 120 hp (89 kW)
Transmission 3 phase AC linear motors
Power supply third rail
Electric system(s) 600 V DC third rail (linear induction)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) (Standard gauge)
The interior of ICTS Mark I car #3024.

The Intermediate Capacity Transit System (ICTS) Mark I cars are the Line 3 Scarborough rolling stock. They were built from 1983–1986 for the Toronto Transit Commission.

The cars were built by the Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC) in Millhaven, Ontario. The RT operated first with two-car units, and then as four-car units. A test run began in 1984 and full service began in 1985.

The fleet numbers of the cars used are 3000–3027.

Very similar models with similar interior and exterior looks are found on the Vancouver SkyTrain and the Detroit People Mover. These systems have their UTDC ICTS Mark I trains run automatically with computer systems controlling them. TTC ICTS cars have an operator cab in each car which is occupied when the car is the lead car on a run.

Following the retirement of the remaining H5 and H6 trains in 2013 and 2014, respectively, the ICTS cars are the oldest TTC trains in the system. They feature level boarding, unlike the TTC's 20th Century streetcars. Since their refurbishment in 2015, all redesigned ICTS cars are now equipped with designated seats in areas accessible for people using mobility devices, pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Two ICTS Mark I test vehicles (lead car and trailer) were also built and used at UTDC Test Centre.

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