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IC2000 Zurich - Lucerne with the control car leading the train
IC 2000 double-deck train with Re 460

The IC 2000 is a double-deck train in Switzerland and is run by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) as part of its InterCity service. Top speed is 200 km/h. The train set can be composed of up to 10 coaches and provides close to 1,000 seats, according to SBB. In 1997-2004, the consortium, made up of Bombardier Transportation Switzerland and Alstom delivered 341 coaches to SBB, of which about 320 coaches are still in use as of December 2009.


IC 2000 was the first double-deck train in use on a nationwide scale.[1] Previously, most, if not all, double-deck trains, belonged to the Zürich S-Bahn network.

The IC 2000 typically has a dining or a bistro car, and a snacks trolley service on the upper level throughout the train set.[2] Both the first and second class coaches feature luggage racks on both decks; in addition, small suitcases can be stored under the seats.

The driving trailer[3] at the beginning or at the end of the train is either a family coach[4] with a special play area on the upper level or has a family zone,[5] also on the upper level. In either case, there is space on the lower deck of the driving trailer for pushchairs, bicycles, and skis.[6] Trains with family coaches are marked FA in the timetables.[7]

75 first class coaches are equipped with power sockets for charging laptops etc. Trains with such business zones are marked BZ in the timetables and the coaches themselves can be identified by a laptop icon. On certain routes, passengers are able to use mobile broadband internet access for an additional fee.[8] The business zone coaches can be typically found behind the locomotive.

The usage of the IC 2000 is now very commonplace in Switzerland. Its "cowlike" black-and-white design, and red doors, make it instantly recognizable. The train exterior was designed by Pininfarina, to match the style of the Re 460 locomotive used with the trainset.

Due to the frequent use of mobile phones, in December 2008, SBB introduced "quiet zones" in both classes, where "conversation and discussion, even if conducted quietly; listening to music or the radio, even using headphones; using audio and video applications on laptops; and using mobile phones"[9] are prohibited. However, after one year quiet zones have been restricted to some first class coaches only.

Service run by IC 2000 (as of 2016):


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